Good Habits Essay | Importance | 10 lines on Good Habits for Children

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“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ”

These are the famous opening lines of a very popular childhood rhyme that most of us have grown up hearing or singing or reading. Yet these lines are not merely jingles. They are very valuable as they tell us about the importance of good habits.

Good habits are the keystone of success. Without good habits a person cannot mentally, morally or physically develop. Good habits shape our lives and our actions. They instil discipline and order into our lives and guide us on the path of success and achievements.

Various Good Habits

Some key good habits which must be followed in life are:  discipline, punctuality, honesty, industriousness, and kindness to others.

Proper and Disciplined Daily Schedule

Maintaining an orderly schedule in our daily lives is a very good and essential habit. One must eat healthy food at regular intervals in the day in the form of three to four meals where possible, drink lots of water and maintain a health regimen such as walking or jogging or running outdoors.

This schedule will keep the body fit and a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind as it ensures a healthy life. Apart from a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen, sleep is very essential for the body and thus we must ensure that we get a good eight to ten hours of sleep minimum every night.

Going to sleep early can relax the mind and body and enable us to wake up fresh and alert the next morning to face a new day.

Punctuality, Promptness and Regularity

The next good habit necessary for success in life is punctuality. This is essential in every sphere of life. It means maintaining time. A punctual person is always on time, in arrival and departure and in meeting deadlines for tasks and assignments.

Punctuality instills respect in others because it evokes admiration and bears testimony to the persons’ genuine interest and sincerity in the work. Regularity in study, work and schedules makes people look up to the person as a reliable and sincere worker who will deliver the goods on time.

It increases professional and personal respect. Thus more and more opportunities to shine can come our way.

Honesty and Truthfulness

Honesty is an indispensable good habit in everyone’s life because it is the shaping factor of human being’s character. Honesty can be instilled in many ways— by saying the truth, by admitting to faults, by accepting and rectifying mistakes when corrected, by refraining from gossip, slander and misrepresentation of facts, by self-analysis and self-improvement. Honesty increases our respect in the eyes of others.

It creates goodwill and enhances our reputation. It lends credibility to our actions and creates respect for our opinions.

On the personal level it keeps our minds stress-free and our conscience clear because telling lies and indulging in dishonest actions and practices make it for difficult for our minds to relax since we are always bothered about somebody coming to know the truth behind our subterfuge.

Honest people are thus daring, courageous and confident. They can easily face the challenges of life.

Hard work and Perseverance

In today’s world of cut-throat competition in every aspect of life, one must be sincere and hard working to succeed in life. Hard work is incomplete without perseverance. One must work hard to the best of his or her ability and also work with sincerity and dedication.

The aim must be to excel, to show that one is better than the rest and also to put in maximum effort in the work given for best output and results.

Whether it is in studies or jobs, industriousness and sincerity is the best habit a person can cultivate. It pays off positively in the long run.

Kindness and Philanthropy

The purpose of living in a society is to help your fellow-citizen. In all religious texts also the moral advice given is “Love and help your neighbour and fellow man.” In order to be successful in life, goodness of heart must be imbibed within.

Goodness and kindness go hand in hand. Thus it is very essential for human beings to be kind, charitable, helpful and friendly to others. Whether it is a stray homeless hungry animal or a poor sick and ailing person, we must have an ingrained habit of being kind and helpful to those in needs.

Only people with a good kind heart can be truly successful in life. Charity, kindness and help must be done selflessly without the expectation of any reward in return. Only then are we blessed by God.


God habits are very important in life. They are essential for success, peace of mind and for building a better society. Our children will learn good habits from us and make the world a better place in the future.

Good habits lead to the development of self, society, surroundings, nation and eventually the whole world. Today good habits are most needed in the society.

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