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Everything to be in order and in proper form requires proper guidance and governance. We all need help to progress. We all need guide to perform. Without proper guidance and governance it becomes difficult to maintain order. Good governance has the deeper meaning to it.

It is concerned with proper code of conduct. It is concerned with proper rule of law. It is concerned with human rights. It is concerned with an efficient and effective public sector. It requires a proper government who keep in view all these points. To have a nation in progressive and proper order good governance is very mandatory.

It is a very well -known fact that democracy without politics and citizenship without rights are the twin pillars of good governance. The government and the political body in the power should take care of all these things. The role of government is very important to maintain order in a country.

It makes the best use of whatever is available. It makes use of people to make the progress. It takes care of all the values and human emotions. They have agendas and certain strategies with which they carry forward their instructions.

Every political party has certain agendas. These are the components of their governance. The present ruling party in our country is of the BJP. The BJP at the time of asking of votes had certain agendas. They had the agenda of transparency. They had the agenda of responsibility.

They had the agenda of efficiency. They are introducing various reforms and movements in our country. They are covering all the major issues. They have judged all the prevalent problems in the society. The party is trying best to stick to their promises and commitments.

Good governance

The reforms passed by the government is in the concern of the issues of the society. The “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” is the recent movement passed by the ruling government. Our country is not clean. When we look toward other countries they are very clean. In India people throw garbage wherever they want.

They dirty the river bodies by disposing waste into it. People do not treat the garbage before throwing it into the water. There are various harm-full and toxic substances that go under the water and kill the fishes. It does a lot of harm to their ecosystem. It causes the lack of oxygen into the water.

By passing this reform movement the government has tried to bring awareness among the people. It is very often seen in our country that people do not throw the garbage into the dustbin but beside it. They throw it on the road. If one person throws then the other follows it and thus accumulates garbage on the road.

These waste products generate diseases. People do not realize that by doing so they are causing problem to themselves. It is harm-full to be around that garbage area. It pollutes the ground. It pollutes the fertility of the soil. It pollutes the air. The air that we breath-in becomes toxic in its nature.

Another reform is the “Beti Bachao, Beti Badhao”. This problem is very old. The problem concerning about the rights of girls to live has been from older generations. Even today, in the 21st century there is this discrimination between a male child and a female child. People consider girl child to be a burden for the family. It would require the family members to spend money on her wedding and dowry.

These issues disturbs them. In case of a male child people think that he would bring money to the family. They are not able to understand that the case is not so. If both are given equal opportunities then they can excel in their own ways. In villages of Haryana there is killing of girl child. They are not allowed to live. The situation has come to such extent that there is a district in Haryana with no female.

In this reform the message is spread all over the country that a girl child should be saved. There should not  be killing of the girl child. They should be allowed to grow and study. They should be allowed to prosper. They have all the rights to live. They are the citizens of India.

They have their life and rights. It is a sin-full act to kill them. If a girl child is given all the facilities then she will achieve everything. The government has even programmed to take care of the education of the girl child. Government plays a major role in these burning issues. It is a social problem which hindrances the growth of society and the nation.

Since India is a diverse nation it is very important to have  good governance. People belonging to different caste and religion have their own way of living life. The government should take care of their interest. The interest of all the people should be preserved rightfully.

There should not be any feeling of discrimination between the people belonging to different caste and communities. They should feel secure. They should not feel that their rights are violated. The best phase of good governance would be when each and every individual is happy and content. This is the ultimate aim of good governance.

The major issue of our country is the poverty and the illiteracy. Our country is lacking proper education. When every individual gets educated then people would be able to understand the problems of the country and to find solution to it. It is because of the poverty that the people are not educated.

To achieve all these aims is a very difficult one but not impossible. This is the purpose and task of good governance. It is to bring stability and equality.

Literacy is very important for the progress of our country. It is not possible with the effort of only one party. Yes, the government has to take the initiative of the things but the people should also show support. It is with the joint effort of both the parties the nation can progress.

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