Girls Education in India Essay

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Illiterate people have a big misunderstanding regarding girl’s education and they think only boys have rights to educate. There are number of wrong understandings regarding education and especially  regarding girl’s education. Few of them are

  1. Education is important for employment and only men can come in this ground
  2. Girls are just born for kitchen and their life starts from here and ending up here.

These all are not right. Girls are human being. Brightness of education teaches everyone to live the life. Men and women are the life’s tier which moves parallel to each other.

If one moves faster than other, the life can’t be balanced. No one can deny the fact that women gloom up their family’s pride and reform the nation hence it is very important to educate girls.

Nature of girls is great than boys. If one girl is illiterate then the whole tribe will be uneducated and there will not be respect for her in the locality.

No one deny the importance of education but what education should be given to girls? Which type of education is required for her? These question remains in the mind.

It is truth that keeping half population of nation illiterate, it is not possible to move towards progress. Future is in the hand of girls that’s why cha-cha Nehru said

“Educating a girl is equivalent to educating the whole mankind”.

Girls have proven that they are far ahead in the education field then boys. In today’s world girls are becoming Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, and Driver and so on.

Number of girls in the merit list of result is more than boys. It is showing that not only society is awake in consideration of education but also girls are taking advantages of it.

Why to support Girls Education?

Education is important for both girls and boys. But as we know there are different faces of girl. If today she is a daughter or sis, tomorrow she will be a wife and then mom. She is going to deliver the future generation.

She is the one who takes care of the whole family. New born babies are handled by her and they learn from mother.

As we know Mother is the first teacher of child. If they are educated then only new generation can be educated.

Girls Education

Reasons why girls are left uneducated

About 35 million girls are not going school. About 2/3 of illiterate adults are women. More uneducated girls are in rural areas. The reason why they are prevented from going school is


This is the main reason girls are behind in education sector. An even if some parent wants to educate their child but due to lack of money they don’t allow their child to study.

Child marriage

Even in today’s world there are many areas where child marriage is the ritual. Girls are forced to marry at early age.

After marriage they are not allow to study. She has been sent to their husband house and after that she has to work for the whole day for the sake of family at minor age.


After child marriage girls stay with his husband this lead to teen age pregnancy. This can be dangerous for her life too.


Sometimes it happens that if girl resist going for school, she is beaten by the family member. This result in affecting girl’s education.

Importance of girl’s education

Girls are equally important in progress and empowerment. An educated girl can educate the whole family. Here are the top reasons which show importance of girl’s education.

In progress

Country can’t move forward by keeping girls behind. Progress of country is dependent on all the people living in the country whether it can be a male or female.

Educating others

Girl’s education is very important. If she knows the importance of being educated then only she will send their child to study.

Decrease rate of poverty

Instead of having one earning member in the family if there are many then that family can no longer be a poor. Hence the poverty rate of country per person can be decreased.

Pillar of family

Girls can also be a pillar of the family. For example we have heard many times that boy is the pillar not a girl.

But what if there are no boys in the family. Who is going to earn then? Obviously girl provided she is educated.

Can stand for her

Female feticides and violence against women is increasing day by day. But if she knows the law, she can fight for herself.

If she has a degree in her hand she can stand outside confidently.

For new generation

Educated girl can encourage the newborn baby properly. It leads to less number of deaths during pregnancy and delivery.

Decrease population

Population is the major concern nowadays. Educated women think to have 1 or 2 babies. This eventually helps in decreasing population explosion.

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