Essay on Gautam Buddha (The Great Saint)

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Gautam Buddha was great saint of India. Born at Lumbini, he came from a royal family. His father, Sudhoan was the king of Kapilavatsu. As a prince, he was called Siddhartha and was a quiet and soft-spoken child.

He did not enjoy royal comforts of the palace. He was married to the beautiful princess, Yashodhara, and had a son, Rahul, from her.

While he was going somewhere, he saw an old man, a patient, a dead body and, finally, a Sadhu at four different occasions. He could not believe that those were also the stages one had to face.

Seeing so much suffering of the mortal body affected him a lot. He resolved to work for getting relief from the suffering. He left the palace in search of truth.

Siddharth, wandered here and there seeking truth and reached Gaya. He sat under a peepal tree and meditated there for many years.

Finally, he attained enlightenment. He went from place to place preaching people about the truth. Wherever he went, many people started following him. They started calling him, Gautam Buddha. It means “Enlightened” or the “Awakened One”.

He started a new religion, Buddhism. Buddha’s teachings were simple. He preached non-violence and humanity. Buddha preached that we must not be attached to our body or to this world.

He achieved salvation in Kushinagar (U.P)

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