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In the layman language, fruits are normally associated with a fleshy seed kind of structure which can be consumed raw or has to be processed before consumption. The flesh of fruit can be sweet, sour or even edible in some cases. India is the second largest producer of fruits in the whole world, just behind China.

In the last fiscal years the production of fruits increased to 287 million tones. This was a marginal increase from 2015-2016. The share of India in the production of fruits in the whole market is quite substantial. India gained its position as the 2nd largest producer in the world because of the kicking in of the Green Revolution.

During the green Revolution, the yield increased dramatically due to the introduction of high yielding variety seeds, better technique of irrigation and land care, and improvements in the technology used by the farmers to grow crops.

fruits essayA fruit rich diet has always been encouraged in the lifestyle of all people. Fruits have ample health benefits; the list is seemingly endless.

The mentality of the world transitions to a more health oriented lifestyle. This is why the demand for fruits has increased over a period of years. It is not that fruits were not enjoyed before.

But with a change in trend of demand, it is seen that people prefer to have fruits instead of roti and rice. It is not that the nutrition of roti and rice is not important. But the nutritional qualities of fruits are worth replacing them over rice and roti.

There are many fruits in the market available such as mangoes, apples, kiwis, jackfruits, guavas, pears, oranges, pineapples and many others. All of these fruits have their own health benefits. They enrich our body with minerals in some or the other kind of way.

Children generally love fruits. Fruits are an easy way to provide nutrition to the growing bodies of children. They generally don’t resist a helping of fruits. Fruits here serve dual purpose- providing the children with the nutrition their body needs and making it easier for the parents to feed their children who generally give them a hard time eating fruits.

According to some research studies, doctors suggest to have at least 5 helpings of fruits in varied proportions all throughout the day. They can be eaten raw, served as smoothies or even cooked. The fruits chosen should be diverse in variety. This way the body get’s a combination of minerals and vitamins it needs for the body to function correctly.

Daily intake of fruits also helps to avoid some obnoxious diseases like the Alzheimer’s disease, cancer etc. some diets rich in fruits helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes etc. it’s nutritional qualities also helps the body to fight off diseases.

This is because intake of fruits helps the body to prepare more antigen cells which helps in warding off diseases. Also, fruits help our body immensely in recovering from a wound or a disease. It also helps to counter infection in the body by releasing its nutritional juices.

Fruits also have a high amount of fiber. Though fiber is not a vitamin or mineral itself but it helps our digestive system to work efficiently. It actually helps in cleaning our small and large intestine which helps in increased bowel movement. Increased bowel movement in directly recommended by doctors and practitioners to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Constipation can be treated very efficiently if one inculcates more of fiber rich fruits in his diets. If the recommended amount of fruits is taken every day, the risk of chronic diseases can be rendered to a major extent. Also fruits are low in calories.

They are recommended by gym trainers and instructors for their clients. They support this argument by saying that fruits do not add on to calories and they also make the stomach of a person fulfill. Fruits keep your overall health intact. They help to prevent the feeling of nausea and keep you rejuvenated throughout the day. They also pump in energy into your system.

Who does not love fruits? Nobody. Fruits add color, textures and variety to your plate. You will find pink, green, red, yellow, orange, purple and a lot many colors in fruits. It makes the meal look more appealing and appetizing to eat. Fruits can be consumed in any form.

So practically fruits are the ready-to-have, go-to snacks when we don’t feel like working something up. Raw fruits, canned fruits, frozen fruits, they are all available at our service, practically at any time we want.

fruits essayFruits are found in an infinite variety. So you always have something now to, taste, savor and experience. Fruits are really fun to eat.

You can chop the fruits in different shapes or you can peel them off. You can juice up the fruits for your taste buds to savor. Fruits can also be pickled. Also, they are used in soups as well. This way they add nutritional value to the soups as well.

In this ever-growing world, which runs at a pace faster than that of light, humans need even more fruits than before. These days, the atmosphere is filled with many radical ions which cause damage to our body. We are exposed to high levels of stress and pollution these days.

Some studies have also found that fruits help in warding off stress from our minds. This is because consumption of fruits is linked to the release of the hormone which manages the levels of happiness in the body. Also, it helps to counter pollution by crossing out it’s poisonous effects by its nutritional values. This is why fruits are so important now; especially in modern days.

So undisputedly, fruits are the most nutritious things out there. And instead of consuming junk food which cause harm to our body, we all should consume fruits. Because they keep us healthy and increase our longevity. Fruits are the love of all and every human being is attracted towards fruits.

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