Speech on Friendship for Children

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Good morning people. Today I wish to put forward a speech in front of you on the topic of ‘friendship’, and I wish your full co operation throughout the time that I will be presenting. Also kindly pardon me for any mistake that I commit in this course.

Man is a social being. He cannot live in isolation. He needs people to stay with him and be friends with him. Friends are the companions that he can depend on and spend his life with. Hence friendship is what is needed for him to lead a happy social life.

Friendship can be of different types. In there can be really good friends who will stay with you lifelong. These friends are true friends. They never judge you, the way you are. They will always love you and can never think about tricking you. The other type of friends are fair weather friends.

These friends will be with you only in the good times of life. But be sure that they will desert you when you need them most. These types of friends do not harm you but they are no use also. It is better to have no friends at all than to have such friends. The last category of friends is the most dangerous type.

They are the people who only act to be friends. They maintain intention is to harm us. They do not want our good. And to make their motive successful they will put on a mask of friendship to get closer to us. Their friendship is simply an act. Be very careful of such friends. They can always put you into trouble if need be.

“a man is known by the company he keeps”. Hence the right choice of friends is very important otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. Maximum times your attitude is influenced by the type of friends you mix with. Their behaviour influences your habits and behaviour too.

For example if you have a group of friends who are into doing bad things then one day there will be a time when you also will be forced to start doing those things. Just to become a part of them. But if you are in a good circle of friends then even if you are bad in certain things their good influence will help you to gain improvement.

You will develop good qualities in their company. Even if you are able to keep yourself away from bad things but still if you’re staying with bad people even then also your name will get bad. People will categorize you as one of them, even though you may be different. You will be known by the company you keep.

The choice of friends is very important. It is not easy to choose one’s true friend at the first sight itself. You need to know a person closely, his character, habits and behaviour before choosing him to be you friend. This process is not as easy as it may seem. Judgments have to be made, and that is difficult.

I was blessed with three good friends during my school days. And we are still good friends. Even after so many days. I am lucky to be blessed with such good friends. There were some memories in school life which I cannot imagine spending with anyone else. Truly they made my school life so cherish able.

I used to go to school to meet them. There were times when all three of us got into trouble because of solely my mistake, but never any one of them complained. There were also times when I got into trouble because of them but just like they did, like a true friend I covered them up. Life would be difficult without them.

There was an incident where I was blamed unnecessarily at no fault of mines. I was finding it hard to defend myself. But my friends suddenly got up and started arguing for me. That really surprised me because it wasn’t their matter. They could have remained aloof if they wanted too, but they didn’t.

They stood by me and supported me. First the teacher blamed all of us to be involved in it. But then due to our constant persuasiveness, she finally was bound to agree that it wasn’t my fault.  When we sat down we all have a smile on our faces. That smile was precious. That smile was priceless.

Once friendship is lost. It is hard to get it back. Hence I feel that we should value most the friends we have now. There will be times when they will need us and we will need them back instead.

Hence it is better to stand side by side in the times of crisis. Only a helping hand for each other in need can really grow into a blooming and wonderful relationship.

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