Friendship Essay for Children and Students

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Friendship is a beautiful flower which booms in the garden of love. Friendship is a bond which knows no bounds. A bond of friendship is established when two people irrespective of their age and gender form an emotional bound with one another, instances of friendship are also seen in the bonding between an animal and the human when both of them overly attached to each other and cannot live without one another.   

Importance of friendship in one’s life 

A true friendship is rare to find these days.  When the whole world is driven by selfish desires to achieve their own objective; it is absolutely difficult to find a true friend who loves selflessly. A true friend never backs out in times of needs and is always present when the complete world turns their back upon him.

Friends are the knights in shining armors who can take you out of any tricky situation. A bad day or an argument- there is nothing which a supporting friends can`t get you through.   

Friends are those people who make this life a little less hard to live. Best friends are a blessing in disguise. They are the kind of people who can be trusted with any blindfold. The ones who make your life beautiful and worth living. Even if we don`t talk to hours for our best friends for a long period of time, nothing changes in our friendship. It is like we just catch up from where we left. It does not look like we did not talk for a long time.

My mother and her best friend are friends since 37 years. It so happens that at time, they are busy with their own lives and families and are not able to talk to each other. On an average they talk about once in a month. But this did not change their friendship. Their friendship remained as it is.  

The bond of friendship is cherished for life and beyond. A friendship is not a give and take relationship. Friendship is about selfless giving without expecting anything in return.

Expectations in the friendship does nothing but burns the bond between two people. When in a friendship; it becomes more of business transaction of giving and taking. Friendship which arises out of heart takes a backseat in those cases where selfish motives prevail.  

Historical instances of friendship 

friendship essayEven history records many such incidents of friendship. Tatya Tope and Rani Laxshmi Bai were childhood friends. Owing to this friendship, Tatya Tope helped Rani to regain her lost Jhansi back. From Mahabharata we have the example of Karna and Duryodhana who stood by each other in times of need.

Duryodhana stood by Karna when he was to recognized as a warrior of Kshatriya clan and spurred away from the society like a cur. Karna repaid him by fighting for him in the great war of Mahabharata even though he knew that what he was doing was wrong. 

Similarly, the friendship of Krishna and Arjuna was famous in all corners. The stories of their brotherhood were heard and even today are famous. A friend in need is a friend indeed. They proved it by helping each other in times of crisis whenever they would.  

Krishana and drupadi`s friendship is one more bond that has deeply scathed our minds, Krishana and Draupadi`s bond is known to be a bond of purity. They shared more of a brother sister relationship. When in court of duryodhana, Draupadi`s saree was torn and an attempt to harm her modesty was made, she realized that here husbands were powerless in this situation as they had lost whatever they had to the Kauravas.

She then called to krishana for help. Krishana, by some miracle, made her saree never ending. All the Kauravas kept on going in an attempt to take off her saree but her saree never came off.  

In Ramayana, the friendship of rama and sugreeva has been a matter of great inspiration. When Sita was captured by the evil Ravana, ram was in a dyre need of an army to get his lady back.

When he approached Sugreev, the king of monkeys for help; he immediately lent him help. Rama then went over to win Ravana`s maya nagri with the help of the `vaanar-sena`. Maybe if sugreev had decided not to help the course of history would have been different.  

When is friendship formed? 

The bond of friendship is not a bond of indemnity. Friendship is formed between two people when they emotionally and mentally connected to one another. They might bond over similar or dissimilar intersts. Just a bonding is needed. A reason for that bonding is not needed.

Friendship can be created over the most trivial reasons like a liking for a same book or song or just sitting together by chance for a class. The time spent with friends, is always cherished forever and ever. It is in moments like these that we forget all our pains and tears and just indulge in weird shit which is actually a waste of time. But wasting time with friends is indeed a bliss.  

Benefits of friendship 

Friendship also quells the social desires of a person. It helps them to achieve personal satisfaction. The warmth and comfort provided by a bond of friendship is unparalleled.  Friends are relative not by blood but by heart. History is a living example for this.

At times, blood related people ditch one another for vain desires like property, car, money but the bond of friendship never stabs you back. And, even if the so-called friend thrust a knife in your back; you must realize you never had a friend. 


To live without an experience of friendship is a life lived in vain. You don’t get to experience the beautiful things in life without the bounty of friendship. A dance with your friends or a movie enjoyed together will always satisfy you more than dancing and watching movies alone.

Friends understand you more than you understand yourself. They motivate you to look forward in life and experience the undiscovered and unexplored. Friends always have your back, whatever the need and situation be.

They never ditch you. Such is true friendship-the elixir of life which gives you the reason for survival even when we are surrounded by bad things and meanness around us.    

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