A friend in need is a friend indeed Essay for Children & Students

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A friend in need is a friend indeed” is a phrase which itself has lot of meaning as well as thought in it.

Well, who is a friend? The question seems very easy to answer but equally hard to understand. When a word ‘friend’ comes to our mind, it leaves an impression sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a thought and of course sometimes with a feeling of hatred.

Being emotional is the nature of human; therefore a friend is someone who is emotionally attached mutually. Moreover talking about the phrase a “friend in need is a friend indeed” literally means a friend who helps in difficult times is a true friend.

A friend is someone with whom we can spend different moods of life be it the ‘chalta hai `attitude’ mood, the ‘abusing’ mood, the ‘serious’ mood, the ‘mystery’ mood (pata lagao), the ‘eating points’ the ‘shopping scenes’, the ‘gifts’ and finally the ‘helps’ during the difficulties of life.

a friend in need is a friend indeedThe ‘chalta hai’ attitude mood refers that it is only a friend with whom we can share the attitude. It is only our friend from whom we can expect to say that ‘chalta hai yr’, if we could not do a particular deed for him or her basically no formalities with a true friend, rather we had to fulfill the formalities.

Moreover the abusing phase is the only phase which can be spent with a true friend he/she give us the opportunity to feel free to abuse which further makes us feel light instead if we abuse someone who is not a true friend can feel bad or etiquette less, So therefore feel free to say anything can be possible with a true friend.

It is our true friend only with whom we can share our serious matters without any hesitation, and he/she tries to help us with the best of the ability. It is only true friends who help us to solve certain mysteries of life.

The fun of bunking classes, hanging out is all possible with a friend.  A group study and your friend trying to make you understand certain aspects is all possible with a true friend. A friend can make us feel most comfortable during shopping as we do not have to go for certain formalities, such as paying money or giving preferences which eases our life to an extent.

It is only the friends from whom we can shamelessly ask for the gifts and helps at whatever time we want to during the difficulties of life. Friends are secret help of god which help us live life in different ways making our life easier and happier with less formalities and making our personal life fun loving.

I firmly believe that true friend is a person who is there for you to share any moods of life. Be it from making you comfortable to make you feel irritated. And further a person who is there to share anything, anytime, anywhere be it happiness, something silly, something sad, something bad or something good.

It is a tendency of human beings to share things, if human beings do not share things the psychology of humans get disturbed and stress becomes the another factor of not living healthy life. Since a friend plays very important role in one’s life be it in the good times of life or at the difficulties of life.

Therefore a true friend is someone who is with you, by you at all the phases of life. By simply talking to friend may help you to be out of a difficult situation. In the world of digitization we have forgot to socialize physically which is very important, so as to be in the pink of health.

 A friend in need is a friend indeed essayA friend is someone who is emotionally connected within us and knows us in and out, for example which further would mean that if a stranger is there he would believe that a person is quite or shy but it is only our friends who know that a person is out going.  Because it is friends to whom we can show all our sides without any hesitation.

So hence I conclude by saying that to overcome the monotonous life and to live a healthy and beautiful life one should have true friends. And a friend is not true only when he is there in our hard time, but a friend who is always there by you, with you, around you whether good time, happy times, emotional times, unconditional support, difficult times and at all the stupid times in one’s life are true friends as well as friends for life.

A true friend is someone who defends you in your presence but in your absence too. Friendship as a relationship doesn’t mean who is known for longer time but who stayed by you in your life and having being said ‘will always be there’ and hence proved it.

I believe that every friend is a true friend because he/she was sometimes with you and have spent special moments of life which have left some impressions and have made to learn new things in life. Therefore every friend holds a special place.

It is one’s own special moments of life when a friend don’t feel offended when insulted but says something more offensive to other, is the real joy of friendship. Another joy of friendship is you do not have to tell your friend you are upset, he /she finds themselves which again makes you feel more special.

I would like quote a saying in the end by THOMAS FULLER   “if you have one true friend you have more than your share”

Yes! It is truly said by Fuller that if we have one true friend we have more than our share. It is very important to have at least that one friend with whom we can spend all moods of life and make our life healthy, wealthy, rich, joyous and stress free.

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