Four Seasons in India

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Seasons in IndiaTime Span (Months)
Summer SeasonMarch, April and May
Rainy Season (Monsoon Season)June, July, August, and September
Autumn SeasonOctober and November
Winter SeasonDecember, January and February

Summer Season

Summer is the hottest season in india. Summer season always starts in the month of march and it extends to May month. During the season the temperature will be very high and It will reach nearly 50° Celcuis. Childrens will get summer vacation holidays from March end to May end and we can see them playing in parks, playgrounds etc. Doctors advice is to drink at least 2 to 4 litres of water and for adults its 3 to 6 litres of water per day. Everyone should wear cotton dresses in the summer season because cotton will be thin and absorb the sweat from the body. Parents will never allow their children to go out of the house from 12 pm to 3 pm since the heat will be more which leads to some summer season diseases. It’s good to eat fruits and drink fresh juices like Lemon, Water melon, Pomegranate, Orange etc. Here is the list of diseases that people get affected  in the summer season. 

Summer Season Disease

  1. Heat Stroke
  2. Sunburns
  3. Prickly Heat
  4. Food Poisoning
  5. Chicken Pox
  6. Jaundice
  7. Acne
  8. Sore Eyes

It’s our responsibility to prevent us from these summer season diseases and the extreme heat of the sun. Childrens are advised to stay safe don’t go to play outside from 12pm to 4pm

Rainy Season (Monsoon Season)

Rainy season is nothing but the monsoon season (wet season). Rainy season will start in mid of June and it continues to July and August sometimes it extends to September. In rainy season the temperature will be around 30o to 35o. Every person in the world feels happy and pleasant when it rains. Though everyone likes the rain, there are still some more reasons from different age group people who welcome the rain in different ways. In India students and children always pray to god in the morning time to get rain because they will get holidays. Farmers used to worship the rain and whenever it rains they welcome it with happiness. It’s always good to carry an umbrella or raincoat during the rainy season to avoid getting wet in the rain. Doctors advice is to eat some hot food and avoid drinking cold drinks in the rainy season. Here is the most common disease you will get on rainy season

Rainy Season Disease

  1. Fever
  2. Cold
  3. Headache
  4. Weakness
  5. Sore throat

Autumn Season

Autumn season is otherwise called Fall (United states). This season will come between summer and winter time. During this season the temperature will be around 20o to 30o 
, and we can see leaves are started changing the color from green to yellow or red and it started to fall from the trees. In some countries schools start opening in autumn. Autumn season is the time where animals will look for the food and store it before winter season comes. Climate will be chill and pleasant in the autumn season and there are chances that it will rain or it will remain cool and windy. Here is the common disease that everyone faces in this season

Autumn Season Disease

  1. Fever
  2. Cold
  3. Headache

Winter Season

Winter is one of the four seasons in India where people love this season more than other seasons. In this season the temperature will be 15o to 25o Celsius. Winter season starts from november end and it extends to february end. Most of the people like to go out for a trip in this season because they wont lose the energy since the sun doesn’t emit much heat and the climate will be chill all the time.

Four Seasons in India in Hindi

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