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Who hasn’t played football? It is such a popular game, that almost everyone knows about it.

We all must’ve had played a game of football during our school days, fighting with each other over every penalty.

Not just our childhood and school days, we still might just go out for a game, in our formal clothes during lunch breaks if we get the chance.

We never get enough, because it is that type of game. But do we know the basics of the game? Do we know each and every player’s role, the fouls, the do’s and don’ts?

A brief history

The oldest recorded form of football was a sport in ancient China, called Cuju. Cuju literally means kick ball. It was played during major celebrations of the empire.

It was played between two teams, each trying to put the ball between the others hoop. There were many forms of games played in Europe that resembled football, but involved more violence and use of hands.

Game play

Football is a recreational sport, played using a spherical ball. There are two teams, each containing 11 players. So in all, there are 22 players on the field including the two goalkeepers.

The match is won by the team that has the maximum number of goals, which is scored by putting the ball, called the football, into the opposing team’s goal.

In the event of an even score, extra time is awarded. If even then, the match is even, it is declared a draw. If the match is important, i.e. if it is a final or a semi final, then the winner is decided by a penalty shootout.

In a penalty shootout, 5 players of each team are pitted against the goalkeepers of the opposing team, and at expected to score the goal.

There are substitutes in both teams that are replaced mid play by the manager, or in the event that a player is injured. Each team has a manager who manages the various aspects of the side.

He has a myriad of responsibilities. They include managing player contracts, negotiating match fee, transferring players from other teams during the transfer season.

He analyses player capabilities, gives them positions in the team formation. He scouts for new talent for the team’s future, and manages their training.

The players in the modern versions of the game are divided into classes. There are strikers, defenders and mid fielders.

The strikers stay ahead in the team formation and are responsible for scoring goals and looking for chances to do the some.

The defenders are the players responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring goals and maintain the flank.

The midfielders are given the responsibility of dispossession the opponent of the ball and creating chances for a counter strike.

The goalkeepers have one of the most important duties in the team. He or she is the last line of defence of the team against an opponent attack.

A goal keeper stands guard in front of the goal and stops the ball from entering it. He or she also has the key role during penalties.

The goalkeeper is the only player allowed to hold the ball with his or her hands. The other players are forbidden to do so, except during a throw off or throw in.

Each team has a captain, whose only official duty is to take part in the coin toss before the game or the penalties.

If a player hurts another player or performs a maneuver that is against the rules, he commits a foul and maybe given a yellow card. Two yellow cards and you are out of the game.

Spirit of the football game

Football has become a major sport in today’s world. People religiously follow their beloved teams. They travel miles to watch their team play.

The football players are regarded as idols and Gods by the fans. This spirit is welcoming, but sometimes things do get out of hand.

History has seen fight resulting between the fans of rival teams, often causing havoc and chaos.

The players are often seen deliberately hurting fellow players to prevent a goal or a goal scoring opportunity, though this does not apply to all the players.

The spirit of the game is still alive and burning, and we will always cherish this globally beloved game.

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