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We all live to have a healthy and happy life. We take utmost care to keep our-self healthy. It is a very famous proverb which says that health is wealth. Without heath one can- not achieve anything. Heath is the major concern of every individual. People avoid junk food to stay healthy.

People avoid oily food to stay healthy. People avoid high cholesterol food to stay healthy. In short they do all the possible things to remain healthy. To be healthy keeps us away from several health problems. Health is very precious and if a person is healthy he/she can achieve any -thing he desire for.

Food that we eat plays the most important role in keeping us healthy and fit. The food that we consume is supposed to be fine. What if, the food that we have so much trust on makes us unhealthy? It is very saddening to even think about it. Now- a- days the food that we consume has become very harmful.

The term for the degradation of food is known as food adulteration. Food adulteration refers to the degradation in the quality of food. The food material is added with toxic substances. It had added preservatives in it. This leads to lower the food quality.

We all rely upon food to eat. It is universal fact. It is a universal truth. It becomes very difficult to even think of degradation in food. There is downfall of the quality of food. The food that we eat today is no more worth of trust. In almost every -thing we have the adulteration.

There are several examples of products like the juices that are available in packets. These juices contain added flavor and added preservatives. They are very harmful to consume. There are even cases reported where the dead insects is found inside the packet of such products.

Everything that we eat today has the adulteration in it. People can-not trust any product with complete trust. The packets of wheat have adulteration in it. There is mixing of flour and wheat inside the packet of wheat claiming 100% purity. This is the situation of market when it comes to food adulteration.

Then there are more such cases. There is mixing of red color in the packets of red chili- powder. It is done to ensure people that the chili powder is really nice and pure. There is fixing of these colors in almost every product. There is mixing in different food powders like turmeric powder. There is mixing of color in juice packets.

The addition of such products and colors in the main products takes way the originality. It takes away the purity of the product. It violates the trust of the people. People are aware about certain adulteration’s. But they are not aware about all the adulteration’s.

Food Adulteration

This is very dangerous and harm-full. There is supply of duplicate rice in the market. This is the least of all that could have ever happened. People in the thirst of making money have forgotten the moral values.  If not the moral values than the basic humanity. It becomes very difficult to distinguish between the real and the duplicate rice.

Not only there is supply of duplicate rice in the market but also there is supply of duplicate eggs. Egg is consumed by the larger portion of society. Rice is consumed at different rate in different states. But egg is consumed in every state. It is very easy to cook and saves time.

From small children to adults and old age people each one of them consumes egg. These plastic eggs are very hard to be detected. It has already spread in the market. When it goes inside the human body it does a lot of harm to our intestine. It damages our digestive system.

Plastic is something that never dissolves. Even if it does it take a long period of time. What would happen if it goes inside our stomach? It could be fatal. The saddest part about these products is that they are not recognized. The ordinary people can- not differentiates. This is the reason they get trapped in to this.

There are kinds of food adulteration done in India. Milk is the most consumed product in our nation. People rely upon milk in almost every stage. It is considered to be a source of vitamins and minerals. It is considered very healthy and determinant of growth.

The adulteration of milk is done by adding water into it. It is done to increase the volume of milk and to make more money. By adding water into the milk it takes away its nutrition’s. There are products like soya milk and wheat flour which is added into the milk for the same purpose. The consumption of milk becomes useless for the people.

Another kind of adulteration is the adulteration of fats and oils. The fats and oils are adulterated and the worst part is that it becomes very difficult to detect the adulteration.

In the ghee which is considered very pure and pious the adulteration is done. Products like hydrogenated oil are added into the ghee. The products like animal fat in added into it. To make other fat appear as ghee the products like synthetic color and flavor is added into the fat.

The worst of all food adulteration is the adulteration of food grain. It is very common food product and consumed by larger portion of the nation. In this there is mixing of sand stones and crushed stone particle into the stone. They get evenly mixed with the grain and thus increase the weight.

Not only this but also water is prayed on these grains. Water increases the weight of the grain. This has become the condition of India and the food market. They all are running behind money. They all have forgotten the harmful effects that these adulteration in food leads to. It has become very difficult to have trust upon any of the food product.

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