My First Day at College Essay for Children & Students

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Joining college , its a completely different and interesting phase of a persons life. All the years in school we grow thinking of our lives when we will  enter college. There are so many aspirations and dreams attached to ones college life.

We want to expose ourselves to the fun and flare of the college as soon as possible and when this day arrives, there is a rush of mixed emotions and thoughts as whether I will be able to live up to the fantasies of my mind or not. College for a mew comer is a place where rules and restrictions take a aback seat. So with these thoughts I reached my college for the first time.  

Its my first day in the very famous Delhi University.  Putting on the best of my clothes and accessories I enter the college gate. There is a sense of freedom in that campus. There is something which wants me to explore more of myself. There is a positive vibe of liveliness and excitement. I am happy, as I stroll through the corridors I feel as if each brick holds a memory, each corner is filled with laughs and joy.

I wanted to be a part of that memory lane which dated more than 75 years. The architecture is beautiful,  it is a red brick building with big gardens and lawns. I am enjoying the feel of it. Searching for my class I end up going to the senior section of the English department.

It was thrilling to see the seniors who were now a family within the class. Well later I managed to enter my own class and suddenly periods had become lectures and teachers were now professors . The class environment was much liberal than the schools. I could witness that teaching system had overnight turned upside down. The professors were very lenient. We were allowed to take calls in between.

It was as if restrictions vanished in thin air. After two hours of lectures we were given a break. There was some energy in the class, everyone talking to each other making friends laughing and eating together. I met the girl I saw on the admission day. Everything seemed perfect.  

Then soon after the classes resumed and I was really excited to know more and more about my subjects and course. No one was actually teaching it was a brief introduction to the class and teachers. Then after the classes were over me and my newest friend decided to explore the campus. It’s a huge college or I would say that it’s a small world within  the world. 

We started off with canteen, it was beautiful and matched my fantasy I was happy. With lots and lots of tables and chairs and beautiful funky patterned walls the canteen was the most happening place of the college.

The students were chilling playing songs having delicious foods on their tables. They were thoroughly enjoying. Here I realized how different was it from the school canteens.

Here students were openly bunking lectures and using mobile phones. There was no restriction of uniform or whatsoever.  No one is  asking the girls to  not to wear eyeliner or kajal. No objection to short dresses or open hair. Rules were no more a bound, I felt exposed to the true world where no one really cares for you, it is you who has to decide whats wrong and right for you.

Rationality is only your own. I felt that I was no longer a kid, I had to understand myself better. I had to choose from what all was being offered.  I had to choose the right thing for me, right which I thought was correct for me. This was a kind of realization, where I could see the world and make sure what I wanted. 

We moved forward and stopped at the library,  I had seen such large a variety and number of books for the first time. It was grand. I was so excited to spend time here. Silent and majestic it was. Moving forward there  was the playground. Its really big, really really. I saw children playing football and badminton . I  instantly wanted to be a part of them. Sports have always been special to me.  

Later I saw a dance hall, and learned that there are differ societies for different art forms  and soon they will conduct auditions. Being interested in drama and theatre I enquired about the dramatic society they call it ‘Jazba’ I was enthusiastic about it and got myself registered for the audition right then. 

College had so much to offer so much to explore I was happy to think of my life three years from now. It was an amazing experience where I could feel my freedom, became aware of my responsibilities,  came to know the real me, was exposed to a new world of possibilities and opportunities.

 And when I was leaving the college gate that day for the first time I could make out how difficult it would be to say goodbye to this place after three long years. That day I reached home with a bag full of aspirations and joy. Looking forward to the upcoming fun and lessons that were to be cherished for a lifetime. 

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