Essay on My Favourite Teacher | My Best Teacher (250 Words)

June 8, 2018 0 Comment

My favourite teacher is Mrs. Usha, our Science teacher. She is also our class teacher. In fact, everyone in the class likes her very much.

Mrs. Usha knows her subject very well. Under her guidance and patient care, even the weakest students have improved their Science.

When I entered standard Eight I used to find writing Science chemical formula very difficult. But Mrs. Usha made everything sound so easy that now I have no difficulty in writing formulas.

Mrs. Usha is very polite and kind. She is also firm, and dose not tolerates indiscipline. She doesn’t give us much homework. Yet we do well in Science. I have improved just because of her.

She also conducts a lot of formula games and quizzes in class to memorize the formula in easy manner. She made Science subject so much easy, that I play with the formula.

She uses many pictures and charts to explain thing to us. She also tells us interesting stories. This is the part we like best.

Her explanation gives us good idea about the subject. We all like to attend her class, and we rarely miss her class.  Mrs. Usha make a chapters, like a story and present over us, the way she explain us is so interesting that we forget that it is a part of the lesson.

Next year when we go to the ninth standard, she will not be teaching us Science, and all of us shall miss her. But she has laid the foundation for us that will remain with us all our lives.

I’m glad that I got such a wonderful teacher who helped me a lot. She is like my mother who help me a lot.

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