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The song “TUM HI HO’’ sung by Arijit Singh who is a versatile singer and composer is a song I have loved always and would hear often for the rest of my life. Arijit Singh is famous for his romantic and sensational songs and beautiful captivating lyrics.

He has one of the best voices of the modern music world and “Tum hi ho” is a great example of that. With a voice that is both vulnerable and powerful, he glides over the lyrics and the rhythm of the song in eternally expressive, soulful, and soul-searching manners.

This song falls under the most romantic music types. It’s just difficult to explain the feelings of this song in words. The song which was sung by heart directly appeals to listener’s heart and carries him or her away.

When listening to this song, I get transported to some other world, a world full of romance, a world full of love, a world full of sensation, a world overwhelmed with emotional feelings, a world full of fantasy where there is fantasizing, fantasizing and fantasizing.

Love & Musics 

This song reminds me of my love, my life because life without love would be boring, dull and drab. With love, you get a reason to live, you get a reason to smile. Love is everything. And this beautifully sung song adds spark in my love life.

The attractive lyrics of this song helps me overcome my mental agony and the mesmerizing music of this song overwhelms me with romantic feelings. It provides me extreme level of mental peace and I started getting love vibes everywhere. While listening to this song,

I started dreaming of a candle light dinner date with my love or a romantic long drive. All this gets butterflies in my stomach and that feeling is the most wonderful feeling ever. This song is best for the people who believes in love and mostly listened by these people.

Romantic Music

I’ve always had an infatuation with romantic and slow music since I was a kid because loud music gives me irritation, anxiety, frustration and headache. Loud music takes away my mental peace. Romantic music is full of serenity and positivity. It even makes a warm-blooded person and calm.

It leaves soothing effects on the listeners.
I usually listen to this song on my computer and sometimes in my MP3 player with the headphone. In fact, I am a great fan of romantic music but this is my favorite. This song is specifically attractive for the slow and romantic music lovers

Lyrics & Music

This song reminds me of my love and makes me realize how greener and full of romantic vibes our relationship is. The enthralling lyrics make an out of the world illusion that only people who are true lovers would realize.

Every time I hear this song the sweet memories of my love and the time I spend with him comes to my mind. This is the song that opens the doors of love for me. This song is a key to my beloved’s heart. I love this song from the core of my heart.

Sometimes this music puts me in a charming mood. But sometimes I also feel sad that I cannot be with my love all the time.

On the other hand, this song gives me a genuine pleasure of the memories we used to spend together. That memories are unforgettable and I just wish that I would experience them again and again.

Music Love Since Ages

This song sometimes distracts me from my studies because I always live in a state of romance due to this song. But sometimes it helps me to stay myself up at night.

Without looking up scientific facts why the human species is drawn to music I can muse that music has been a part of humans since the existence of man. Music evokes a feeling in people & I think this is the reason humans appreciate music so much.

This song plays an important role in my life. Whatever emotion I am feeling or mood I am in, I pair it with this song and instantly it provides me a great sense of relief.  Music is the soundtrack to my life. This song teleport me back to a moment full of my sweet memories, a happier time for me

That’s the beauty of music; I can almost always listen to this song. Some people feel that the best time to have music is in social gatherings like when you are with close friends and you create a soundtrack for that occasion but I strongly feel that this type of mesmerizing songs should be listened in peace, where there is nobody, or with your love life for taking the feel of lyrics and music.

At the same time, a meeting where you are trying to work is not an appropriate time to listen to any kind of music.

At last I would say that this song means a lot to me.

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