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Life could not thrive without oxygen. Early man use to fulfill their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. They kept on living happy life because when desires were limited we are contented. With human advancement, the scenarios changed. Changes occurred in mind sets, desires, ways of living . And the definition of basic necessity changed completely.

Only oxygen is not life giving any more but the gadgets we own eat, sleep and live our life with us. They form integral part of human nature. The height of these gadgets becoming part of our day to day life could be alarming yet could not be ignored.

Life some 40 years back

Life which one was leading some forty years back was very different from that which one is leading now. The needs were different. The societal norms were very different. One was not hooked to their cell phones. People use to like social gatherings.

The reason was not for the sake of taking selfies and posting them on social networking sites. Social get together were the means of endless chatting but with the difference. And the difference was quiet sharp that it was in person chatting and not the virtual ones. Unknown person chats sometimes even without knowing each other for quite a long time.

Life today

Life today is full of choices and devices. Choices are availed because of human advancements and devices are gift of technologies. Every hour something new is being generated. It hits the market and there after follows the procedure of evaluating its pros and cons.

Every gadget invented is not just a bunch of piece of plastic and metal device. They leave landmarks in our lives. Some people get affected more and few are unaffected.  This is because they belong to species of non tech savvy generation.

I do belong to the later generation. Technology and I makes up good combination. I like technology and I am a sought of techno geek. Though I am not an expert in computer field yet like to learn about it to the extent my brain allows me to do so. So I have special liking for handsets.

Gone are the decades when handsets or  mobile phones were meant only for receiving and making phone calls.  No one ever expected after some years a device came into existence. It changed the whole scenario of human life. It enable us to walk and talk. Life is whole lot wire free.

Now day’s phones are living which may perform a lot of functions which a desktop couldn’t do even. They are palm tops. One can make calls and receive calls. Video calling feature enables to walk and talk and even see what the person in contact is doing at the same time.

This feature is remarkable because this enabled many general person become Sherlock Holmes. Wives can keep check on husband.  Mothers can keep check on kids and bosses can have check on their employees. They are kind of lie detectors. You lie about your location and the person can detect it once. You open your phone camera and are in live chat session / video calling.

One wants to check the mails on go. The genre of smart phones enable you to check mails and reply to them instantly. If one want to search for anything related to past , future or present  various search engines assist . The operating system of smart phones allows you to search anything anywhere. Life is so much easier now days.

Preparing the project is so much easier. Google search any topic and the Wikipedia comes handy. If one needs any recipes to cater to sweet tooth, follow the direction on various food recipes site and prepare your own delicacies.

Various applications available on different operating systems have make life cake walk.  Your world stays confined in your phone. Contacts which ever once learned by heart are now in phone books.

People live their life in phone. Once a phone gets stolen a person feels their near dear relative is gone missing. A broken phone is like broken heart. This tragedy needs immediate operation leaving every other priority far behind.

Even small kids are now a day phone addicts. Even if they can’t eat yet they must be masters in operating application on phone especially the games. Elderly people who can’t read or write use colors of button to make sure they can operate handsets. In nut shell, every person alive on earth is somehow in touch with smart phones.

World seems to have got shrink up and caged in phone sets. Meet person sitting miles away on skype and interact with them if they are in front of you. Could there be asking for any more from science and technology?

Advancement and it side effects

Every pro has darker side. Cons come along unknowingly. Similarly smart phones have limited the personal interaction. Social media enables hundreds of friends on their platforms and in reality one lacks even a single best friend to confide in.

Blue whale challenge which has come to limelight is deadly challenge originated.  Here the administrator of the challenge affects the mind-set of player so badly that they end up their life by the end of fifty days. The player of such challenge has to communicate with administrator through their phones only.

Eve teasing and molesting are becoming common with applications coming up where any one may send text messages to anyone. People are getting so addicted to selfies that sometimes they cost their life too. Rather than helping person in need, people start making videos to post them on social networking sites.

Any one, irrespective of their talent becomes rave. Singing has become child’s play. Take a smart phone and choose some words. Shot a video the way you like and post it on YouTube. There you are a new singing sensation.

Pros have outnumbered the cons according to me. So I would cast my vote in favour of usage of handsets but little wisely.

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