My favourite Fruit – Essay on My Favourite Fruit “Mango, Apple and Strawberry”

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My Favourite fruit Strawberry

Fruits – the most important resource of all the required nutrients for a healthy and fit body. As soon as we hear fruits our mouth starts watering. Fruits are the rich source of vitamins minerals and proteins as we all know.

StrawberryMy favourite fruit is strawberry. Interestingly as the name suggests strawberry is not a berry it comes under the basic category of fruits and very few know this fact.

Strawberry is generally reddish in colour and it varies according to places to places. Strawberry is one of the healthiest and yet costly fruit.

It is a sweet and juicy fruit and needs to be chewed properly to get the best juicy and tasty experience.

The juicy and fresh nature of strawberry makes it my most favourite fruit ever.

Strawberry is a summer fruit and has to be enjoyed in this season the most. It is hard to believe in the fact that strawberry is not a berry and banana is one.

The fact is that all those fruits which have seeds inside of them are called berries.

If we look at a strawberry then the seeds are stuck outside it and it is like stuffed all around the fruit.

So basically strawberry is not the one which comes under the category of berries. It contradicts the definition of a berry.

Also surprisingly pumpkin is a berry by this definition but strawberry isn’t.

Strawberries are the Fruits which can be used in many food purposes. We can use strawberry in a cake. We can also make a cake as a whole by strawberry.

Strawberry cakes are very tasty and one my favourite foods which can be made by strawberries.

Strawberries can also be used for making ice creams. Strawberry ice creams are one of the most favourites among people.

The essence of strawberry is also used in many ways for making Apple pie or cakes.

The best part of this fruit is that it doesn’t really need any type of peeling and washing. It is like eating grapes as we can wash them and directly put them in our mouth and get the tasty juicy thing to dissolve in out mouth.

Strawberry milkshakes are the best thing we can do from this fruit.

The sweet taste of strawberry and combination of milk in it makes it awesome. I still being an adult 20 year old am free to admit that I love strawberry.

My Favourite fruit Apple

AppleIt comes majorly in two colours: Red and Green. Red is the ripe one (generally sweet in taste) and green is the raw one (generally sour in taste).

It starts coming in the month of September but are produced in the winter season and is generally available in all seasons.

It grows in hilly areas and majorly in Jammu and Kashmir and Manali.

Apple is a fruit that is generally available in all seasons and is eaten every day. It is available in every size that is from small to large.

Maximum people prefer to eat apples in morning with breakfast because it is having high nutritious value. It does not have fat and is a good source of fiber.

It keeps us slim and trim. It is also a good source of calcium, minerals and vitamins like A, B and C that helps to resist the body from infection, strengthen bones, reduce excess fat from body, provides energy and reduces mental stress.

Delicious dishes made from apple

  • Jam
  • Muraba
  • Pudding
  • Apple Sabzi
  • Pie
  • Juice
  • Cake, etc.

Apple tastes so juicy from sour to sweet. Its tastes delicious even if it is eaten raw baked or cooked. It ripens fast and that is why we should eat is fast because it is too yummy.

The one who would love to eat apple have a very smart personality like his skin and face glow, he is slim and fit. Last but not the least I would say that An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away!!!!!

My Favourite  fruit Mango

MangoMango is considered as a king of fruits. It’s a juicy fruit commonly known as AAM in India.

It comes in various varieties like raw mango known as Kachha Aam (Kucchi Kerry) and ripe mango like Badami Aam, Apush Aam, Lagda Aam, Tota Aam, Aamiya and many more other varieties like Dasheri Aam which is also known as Chusne Wala Aam.

Mangos generally come in summer season and in the month of April to July.

Mangoes are having different tastes; some mangoes are sweet, sour or Khatta and each variety are as delicious as the other one.

Mangoes are good source of vitamin A, C and D. mango also helps to increase a body fat.

Whether people are fat or slim, small child or oldies, rich or poor, veg or non-veg; mangoes are loved by all.

The above thoughts are just the excuses that we generally tell just to have a bite of mango but in reality it’s the best fruit to eat.

Sixty percent of the total population of the world just love mango and can die for mango but this love towards mango is most commonly seen in India as the maximum production of mangoes in the world is done in India itself.

Around twenty five percent of the world’s production of mangoes is done in India. People prefer to charge high price for mango and we are willing to pay high charges because of the love towards the MANGO.

Delicious dishes made from Aam/ Mango

  • Aachar
  • Chutney
  • Murabba
  • Aamchur
  • Aam Panah
  • Ice Cream
  • Mango Shake
  • Ka Laungi
  • Energy Drinks
  • Jams, etc.

The love towards mango is very exciting to watch because the way people eat and drink the delicious dishes.

When people eat ripe mango they eat less but their mouth and clothes eats more, the faces are delighted, the eyes are huge and sparkled and the tongue almost looks its falling on the ground while eating the mangoes.

There are many cases we have heard about the fan following of people towards Mango.

There are people who eat dozens of Mangoes in one shift and the colour on their face and clothes tells all the truth as it smells delicious.

Its smell is so empowering that even while eating Mangoes if someone says Hupsy, we don’t mind it but people love to here, that they are mango lovers.

They not even shy to eat many mangoes at a time in front of others and if someone only ask for a bite, they hesitate to give and even fight on just one bite.

So here I conclude Aam is the king of fruits and is a love of maximum number of people and I just want to say that “I LOVE YOU  MANGO- you are so YUMMY”

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