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There are 365 days in a year and choosing one among all these days is quite difficult. There are so many important days to choose from like birthday or during Puja festivals etc. For a Hindu, there is a festival in each month and choosing a particular day is difficult. However, there is one particular day that I love the most and that day happens to be the Christmas Day.

I am not a Christian and there is no one in my family related to anywhere near Christians but yet I love Christmas. I have always believed in Jesus Christ even though I am an atheist. It sounds odd for an atheist to believe in any god but I do and the god happens to be Jesus Christ.

The concept of Jesus Christ has always been appealing to me. I think of him as my god even though I am a Hindu. Everyone has their own belief and like that so do I.

Christians and their customs and rituals are absolute best for me at least. So, I just love Christmas and Santa Claus. Part of the reason why I love Christmas is because of Santa Claus. Christmas is considered as a sacred holiday all over the world and every where everyone waits for Christmas eagerly.

The history of Christmas is quite fascinating. Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ. It is popularly believed that on 25th December, Jesus Christ was born among the animals on a stable near Bethlehem City. The birth of Jesus was signified by a bright star in the sky.

Angels told that Jesus was a saviour. From that point on, everyone knew that a saviour of mankind has born. Christmas is celebrated to honour the birth of Jesus Christ and it is considered as a day to give presents to the loved ones of the people.

In this day, it is also believed that Santa Claus visit everyone in the world in a sledge pulled by reindeers with presents for everybody. People also give each other presents on this day and in general, they place the presents under a Christmas tree.

Christmas is all about decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments and little lights so that during night it can glow brightly. Christmas is a best holiday for everyone in the world and it also signifies the end of a year. Christmas is magical.

I personally love Christmas because on that day we start the day by eating cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In my family that is how we start our Christmas day. We also give each other presents and pretend that Santa Claus came and gave us the gifts. It is a lot of fun in pretending that. After that I spend the day normally. During evening time, I go out with my family to visit a Church to see Christmas choir that takes place in all the Churches.

Also Christmas is the only day when the Churches remain open throughout the night so that people can visit the Church even at night. The Churches are decorated beautifully with lights and in front of most of the Churches; they do a theme of Jesus being born every year to give Christmas a special touch.

It gives me goose bumps to watch that scene when Jesus Christ is being born among the animals. The scene looks ethereal in my eyes. It’s like Jesus is being born all over again.

Christmas symbolizes as new light just like Jesus Christ who is considered as the new light of mankind. Christmas also means holiday time and New Year time. Christmas is the last celebration we have before New Year so it is very important festival in my case.

When the month December starts, the Christmas spirit is always in the air and it’s like a virus spreading throughout the world. It’s like the virus that no one wants to get rid of. Christmas spirit is always in the air and no matter where you look, you can actually taste the spirit in the tip of your tongue.

It may sound crazy, but that is how I feel before Christmas. The excitement is in the air all over the world. Christmas is a day that people everywhere celebrates despite their respective religion. Especially children, who wait for Christmas unlike anything they have waited for in their life and I also wait just like that.

Christmas has always been my favourite day and it may be frowned upon by the people who are hardcore believer of my religion but I don’t care. No one can take the importance and my love for Christmas Day from me. Even my parents tried but eventually they gave up and started celebrating Christmas like proper Christians along with me. I have immense respect for the Christians and absolutely love Christianity.

So I celebrate Christmas along with all the Christians with love and joy that comes out from the bottom of my heart. Christmas is always about the Santa Claus, gifts, cake and the most important of them all is the love that we feel from our heart. This love is something that I want to spread like wildfire among the people around me. The love that I have in my heart during Christmas wants to burst out from my heart and spread itself all around me.

I along with everyone in this world love Christmas. If I consider the fact that there are thousands and thousands of people love Christmas, then I am nowhere near special or anything but Christmas is something that even the mentions of its name makes me smile.

My dream is to go to Bethlehem once and spend the whole Christmas there. If there is anything like next life, then in my next life I would like to be born as a Christian. In my case Christmas spirit is a little too extreme; at least that’s what my family say about me.

I don’t mind that at all. I love Christmas too much to get offended by that. Christmas is burn deep inside my spirit and cannot be separated from me by any means. I love Christmas and Christmas Day is my favourite day among the 365 days a year.

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