My Favourite Book Essay – Essay on My Favourite Book for Class 3, 4, and 5

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Essay on My Favourite Book: My Favourite Book Essay for Class 3

Geronimo Stilton – The Hunt for the Golden Book

I love reading and my favourite book is from the Geronimo Stilton series, written by the Italian author Elisabetta Dami. ‘Geronimo Stilton – The Hunt for the Golden Book’ is filled with adventures and is an exciting read. The story of the book starts with the central character, Geronimo Stilton, celebrating a successful stint of 10 years of writing. Grandfather Williams throws a party to celebrate, and Geronimo decides to write a book for this occasion. However, his laptop seems to be missing. So, Geronimo and his friends embark on a journey to find his computer and print the new book, just before the party starts. The book captures the interest of young readers and also provides them a bonus read at the end. There is an extra mini mystery at the end of the book, named ‘The Lake Monster’ that has an equally exciting storyline.

Essay on My Favourite Book: My Favourite Book Essay for Class 4

1. BFG

I am very fond of reading books and one of my recent favourites is ‘BFG’ by Roald Dahl. The story starts with a little girl named Sophie being kidnapped by a big friendly giant (BFG) from the orphanage where she stays. She had seen him blowing good dreams into the windows of children that night.

Although she thought she would be eaten by the giant, he was not like the other giants in Giant Country who gobbled up little children. The BFG was a nice and gentle giant who spent his life blowing happy dreams to little children. He spoke a funny language called gobblefunk that made me laugh out loud throughout the book! It’s not surprising that Sophie also loved the way he spoke.

Soon, BFG and Sophie become friends and he takes her to Dream Country where they catch and bottle dreams and nightmares. Sophie also has another adventure with some of the dangerous giants in Giant Country. While she was hiding in a snozzcumber (a cucumber-like vegetable that BFG loved to eat), she gets accidently eaten by an evil giant named Bloodbottler. This was followed by a hilarious description of how BFG saves her from the eyes of the evil giant.

Towards the end of the book, Sophie starts a fight among the evil giants and plots a plan to imprison them with the help of the queen. She goes to Buckingham Palace where she and the BFG meet the queen and inform her about the evil man-eating giants. They eventually capture the giants and imprison them in a deep pit in London.

The book also has impressive illustrations created by Quentin Blake. These pictures add to the charm of the story and make the book a Roald Dahl masterpiece enjoyed by generations of young readers.

2. Ramayana

I love reading books. I have read many books, and am never bored when I am in the company of books.

One book that has influenced me immensely and has become my favourite is the epic Ramayana in English, written by Valmiki (Author), Arshia Sattar (Translator).  The style is simple and the book is very interesting. Once I take up this book I can’t put it down.

The book presents Lord Rama as the embodiment of virtues. We also learn about the sufferings he underwent to uphold his principles. Devi Sita is a devoted wife, ready to undergo any hardship or suffering for her husband.

Bharata is a glorious example of a good brother. He is an embodiment of respect and sacrifice. His love for Rama has no parallel.

There are many other characters in the book and each one plays an important role in the development of the story. Jatayu is one such key character. Hanuman is another. Both were loyal and devoted to Lord Rama.

The Ramayana upholds basic human values such as devotion, loyalty and service, and condemns lowly qualities like avarice, selfishness, and greed for power. This is a book that can be read for a truly spiritual experience.

I have read and re-read it many times. It refreshes my mind and inspires my soul each time.

Essay on My Favourite Book: My Favourite Book Essay for Class 5

1. The Magic of the Lost Temple

I love reading and one of my favourite books is ‘The Magic of the Lost Temple’ by Sudha Murthy. The book tells the story of twelve-year old Nooni who goes to spend a summer vacation with her grandparents in a village. Nooni is a curious child and she has an urge to abstract information at all times. This sets the scene for a thrilling mystery at the beginning of the book.

Since Nooni stays in Bangalore with her parents, the shift to the village life is enchanting. She finds joy in playing with her cousins, savouring the food cooked by her grandmother, and living the carefree lifestyle led by the villagers. I particularly enjoyed the narration that makes you feel like you are listening to a story told by your grandmother.

Soon Nooni finds a mysterious ancient stepwell in the midst of a forest. She tries to find the secret behind the stepwell with her friends.

‘The Magic of the Lost Temple’ appeals to children and adults alike, as it weaves a story around the uncomplicated life in a rural village. The book also makes a point on issues of social relevance, such as the importance of toilets in villages, the need to give back to the community, and the respect one should have for heritage sites.

I also liked the illustrations in the book; these were in perfect harmony with the characters sketched out by the author. In a nutshell, this is a heartwarming tale of how Nooni experiences the real value of the simple things in life. This is what makes it a memorable read for me.

2. Macbeth

A good work of literature is the outcome of years of dedication from the author. I generally like books which have stood the test of time and to which succeeding generations provide their seal of approval. I have read a number of books and there are several which are my favourite. This includes the tragedies of Shakespeare, the novels of Charles Dickens and the plays of George Bernard Shaw.

But there is one book that I particularly enjoy reading and that is the great drama, ‘Macbeth’, by Shakespeare.

Macbeth is the story of an ambitious man and an equally ambitious woman, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth respectively. They commit the murder of King Duncan in their own castle, so that Macbeth could become the King.

Macbeth takes over as the King of Scotland and his wife, Lady Macbeth, becomes the queen. After the first murder, Macbeth plans the murder of his chieftain Banquo, Lady Macduff, and her son, because they are closely related to his enemy Macduff.

The characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are very beautifully sketched by Shakespeare. The chief attraction lies in the character of Lady Macbeth.

The instincts that are usually associated with femininity, i.e., motherhood and compassion, are strikingly absent in Lady Macbeth. Instead, she appears to be an ambitious and ruthless person with an insatiable desire for power.

Macbeth teaches us the great moral lesson that the wage of sin is death. Those who take to wrong and immoral courses, like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, will surely find grief in the course of life. Virtue will surely be rewarded.

3. My Experiments with Truth

We know that food is important for a healthy body. Similarly books are important for a healthy mind. Books are our true friends. They help us understand the world around us. Through books we are able to study the thoughts of different people.

Though I have read many books written by acclaimed authors, “My Experiments with Truth” is my favourite book. It was written by Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. I like the book because of several reasons.

It tells us about the life of the great man who got us freedom from the British. It has been written in a simple and easy-to-understand style. It is very interesting and keeps the reader gripped from beginning to end.

My Experiments with Truth is full of intriguing incidents and moral lessons. Gandhi narrates the stories of King Harish Chandra and Shravan Kumar, that have influenced him greatly. It is eye opening to read how this great man fought against untouchability and racial discrimination. My Experiments with Truth is a great book indeed!

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