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Father’s day is a beautiful reason to celebrate fatherhood all over the world. It is celebrated on the 17th of June in India, and various others days worldwide. It is the day when the influence of a father in a family’s heart, society and the world is acknowledged.

On this day, a genuine effort is made to understand and value the sacrifices a father has to make in order to maintain the sanctity of the family, right from being the bread earner of the house to the gift of protection. It is a memorial celebration to respect fathers.

A father is the heart and soul of a family. It is his prime role to protect, love, care and for every, member of the family. It automatically becomes his responsibility to make sure that everyone is happy, contented and safe. In return, we at least owe this one day celebration to them.

As a matter of fact, this love should be treasured and given importance at every point in our lives and not just on this one day. But the least that can be done is to celebrate with lots of gratitude and realization in our hearts.

We get impressed and inspired by superheroes like Spider man, Superman, Hulk etc, but the truth remains that we all have our superheroes with us in our families. Yes, Our dear father! He is a diligent and a powerful being like no other. He has the love as delicate as a freshly bloomed flower and anger like the hot molten lava. He has all the super powers that a superhero possesses.

The patience with which he listens to everyone and takes into account the view of everyone in the family is what makes him the leader. It is surprising to understand the source of his positive energies.

A father is more than just a father; he is a friend, a guide, a philosopher. He can go to any limits to see the smile on his loved one. He becomes a kid when he plays with them, a true friend when needed to be, a guide when anyone falls astray.

He is a like a movie in which all the characters are being played by him. He is nothing less than a miracle. A family without the umbrella love of a father is like a degraded ecosystem, which is unstable and vulnerable. For any family to be stabilized, established and happy, reflection of a father’s morals, values and love is a necessity.

I thank god everyday for blessing me with an angel whose love is platonic, beyond expectations. But I thank my father more for being a role model to me and showing me the right path. I am grateful to him for making me a better person every day.

Irrespective of what job he does, how much he earns, how he looks, he is the epitome of success for the way he lives it up for the well being of his children. He weighs all the goods and beds before giving his final verdict which can never be doubted as his wisdom is beyond thinking.

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