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A very good morning to one and all present over here. On this auspicious day, I am going to speak on the topic of Fashion. It is a matter of great honor for me to have been chosen to deliver the speech in front of my esteemed teachers and my loving friends and classmates.  

What is fashion? First of all, this has to be answered. What does the word fashion ring in your mind? Most of you might be thinking about clothes, good looks, fashion shows, beauty competitions and such related stuff.

A quick search in the dictionary will reveal to you that fashion is defined as a popular or latest style of clothing for hair or certain kind of decorations that we wear or it is a behavior.

In short it is a way of doing something, weather be it wearing a cloth in a particular manner or possessing a certain hairdo. Usually when we talk about fashion we tend to refer to subjects related to the field of beauty which mostly includes certain styles of clothing. 

It must not be considered just an effort to look conspicuous. Fashion is anything that defines us and what we stand for. Unfortunately, in today’s materialistic world we tend to judge people based on their external features which may include things like physical appearance, clothing, etc. Fashion is art.

Fashion defines us and our personality. Our thoughts as well as our opinions reflect in the way we do things. This particular way becomes our fashion. It is not about the expensive shoes or the trendy clothes. Fashion is about expressing yourself.

It is beauty and beauty are accepting your imperfections. It is an inspiration that teaches us to love ourselves more than anything and everything. Tall, short, thin or fat, it actually doesn’t matter. What matters is what and who we are and that is what is fashion. Fashion is a means of expressing ourselves. 

Meaning of as often is interpret the essence of fashion and veer often and absolutely astronomically wrong direction. We end up creating a virtual world of ourselves which is nothing but a false impersonation of reality. Some people think that following someone or someone famous is fashion.

But in reality, it is not so. Doing what others do is called following. Even a sheep can do that. All the sheep’s in a hard follow the Shepherd. Then what good are we of if we do just exactly what an animal does? We need to be different. We need to create.

We need to Forge new parts. We need to lead. We need to define ourselves from our work. And it is after the attainment of this mental stage of spirituality that we can get a better grasp of reality and this is what fashion defines for me. 

Fashion may also mean Trends to many people. It is a trend to make YouTube videos these days. There is also a trend of blogging these days.

These are all trends that have become popular and are followed by others. But when we are one among these thousands of different youtubers and bloggers and do something you need to make a mark for yourself, we create fashion. We attract other people and inspire them to be like us or to generate new content just like we do. That is fashion and this fashion must be followed. 

To conclude I would like to say that everyone in this world has their own definition and opinions about what fashion is and what fashion stands for them. Today there are institutes who claim to teach fashion to people. It be for clothes or something else. That does not matter.

What matters is that fashion cannot be taught and learnt. It is not a paragraph in a book that we can memorize and then spill on our examination answer sheets. Fashion has to come from within. The only thing that these institutes can teach us is to channelize our inner thoughts and ideas into their concrete ramifications as fashion in reality.

There is no institute in the world that can take a person who has no creativity and turn him into a fashion designer or something like an artist. If that was possible, even dogs could be trained to become fashion designers or artists. However, that is not possible.

What is possible is to educate and identify our own skills. It is only then that we can recognize our talents and use them to cast new forms of fashion and design that reflect not only our own thoughts and inspirations but also reflect the progress of humanity in all its forms. 

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