Farewell Speech for 10th Std Students by class 9

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Good morning respected principal, teachers and all my dear friends. Today we have gathered here for the program of bidding farewell to the passing students of the 10th standard and I am here to present the farewell speech.

With heavy hearts as we bid farewell to our beloved seniors as I present my speech I will be expecting cooperation on your part and also pardon me for any mistake that I made while presenting my speech. 

I know it is a sad-happy at the moment for all the people present here. A part of our schools Alma matter will be leaving the boundaries of school today some of you are nervous about the upcoming Board examinations. I will be seizing this opportunity to wish you best of luck for the Board examinations and let me tell you that we all in fact the entire school has a lot of Expectations from you all.

In the previous years we have seen the students from our school has passed out the examinations with flying colors. I am sure that you too will be able to hold that record. I do not want to hold you down with the long speech on save this but rather I am going to share some personal experiences which I felt with you guys throughout the time that I was in the school.

As you know the farewell is conducted by the juniors to the seniors. We have been preparing for a month just for this day. Every one of us have put together their own little effort to present this program in front of you. Before I begin my speech, I want to invite our principal to share some of her experiences with the students of classes 10th  standard. 

We are glad that you all have come today and offered as your presence. There have been many occasions when I got to work with my seniors and trust me on this each experience was as wonderful as the previous one. 

I know when you joined this institution you must be having a lot of hopes, dreams, fears and nervousness. Now as you pass from this same place you must be having those same fears coming back to you again. I personally have had the opportunity to come in contact with the outgoing batch of 10 and 12 on a few occasions.

Since I was an active member of the school quiz team, I had to work in groups maximum times. It was there that I found very little people from my own batch. Maximum people there were from the senior batches. I was weak in the beginning but they all supported me.

I was never subjected to bullying while working with them. We trained together. And the result? We won many inter school matches cup and trophies. Without their constant suggestions and advices this wouldn’t have been possible for me.  

Next in queue comes my experience in the chess tournament. There was an event of inter house chess tournament. Playing chess was my hobby so I also took part in it. I remember that since it was my first time I was shaking with nervousness. I couldn’t think clearly.

I was playing against a senior from 12th standard. He was winning all the moves. He understood that I was nervous and self-conscious. Even at that time he whispered to me to be calm and think him to be one of my friends.

This calmed me down a bit and cleared my mind. I started playing well. The game got more and more interesting and finally I won. Thanks to that senior for offering me the right advice when I needed it the most.  

Games are always the places of making new friends. It is the place to increase one’s sportsman spirit. Last year we were put into the school football team. The team comprised of student’s seniors above me as well as juniors below me.  

Hence a good amount of coordination work was needed to score well in the upcoming inter school football match. Here also quite magically within a few games we started understanding each other and the group started working like a team.  

These are few of my reminiscences of my time in this school that I spent with these people sitting over there. Now I will request all the passing out students to come up to the dais and share their own experiences that they had through these years. 

I do not want to bore you down with a long lecture. The only thing that I want to say is the end of something marks the start of something new. Unless the previous one ends how will the new one or new life start? Hence it is better not being sad on this occasion since new life is waiting for you right at your doorstep. 

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