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Books are source of information, as it is a handy tool of knowledge that leads to power. There are numerous books that are written by good authors.

The Authors has taken practical incident to represent something in the books. As we know that, what we derived now it is just possible of the older books that has written by that time of individuals.

Many books in the list that describe how often we can sustain in most critical situation. Books are not only the piece of papers; instead of that it is our best friend.

My favorite book is Ramayana written in English by C. Rajagopalachari. This book has influence me extremely and become my favorite.

The book presents Lord Rama as a person who is typical of a quality. This book also taught me how to respect your family member as well as other member. The book devotes highly religious content, but have significant lesson to an individual.

Here I’m listing the Famous Books and Author below; you can also download Famous Books and author PDF. As you should memorize the book name as well an Author name which is helpful to boost your General knowledge level.


Book NameAuthor Name
A bend  in the RiverV.S. Naipal
A New Deal for AsiaMahathir Mohammad (PM of Malaysia)
An Equal MusicVikram Seth
Asian DramaGunnar Myrdal
Ain-e-AkbariAbul Fazal
Alice in WonderlandLewis Carrol
Affluent SocietyJ.K Galbraith
Abhijnan ShakuntalamKalidas
Agni VeenaAcharya Tulsi
Anna KareninaTolstoy
August CoupMikhail S. Gorbachov
A Pair of Blue EyesThomas Hardy
A Passage to IndiaE.M. Forster
Bhagwad Gita, MahabharatVeda Vyas
Bliss was it in that DawnMinoo Masani
Bihari SatsaiBihari
Bharat BharatiMaithili Saran Gupta
CharitraheenSarat Chandra Chatterjee
ChittirappavaiP.V. Akilandam
Cosmic RealityLajja Ram
Divine ComedyDante
Discovery of IndiaJawahar Lal Nehru
Death of CityAmrita Pritam
Decline and Fall of Roman EmpireGibbon
Das CapitalKarl Marx
Descent of ManCharles Darwin
Devi- The Bandit QueenRichard Shears and Isoble Gidli
Death, The Supreme FriendKaka Saheb Kalelkar
DisgraceJ. M. Coetzee
Experiments with UntruthMichael Anderson
Eternal IndiaMrs. Indira Gandhi
End of an EraC. S. Pandit
Fasting, FeastingAnita Desai
Freedom from FearAung San Suu Kyi
Glimpses of World HistoryJawahar Lal Nehru
Glimpses of IndiaHumayun Kabir
GitanjaliRabindra Nath Tagore
Golden Threshold, Broken WingSarojini Naidu
Godan, Rang Bhumi, Kaya KalpPrem Chand
Gulag ArchipelagoAlexander Solzhenitsyn
GurusagaranO. P. Vijayan
Harsha CharitBana Bhatta
Hindu View of LifeDr. S. Radhakrishnan
History of Western PhilosophyB. Russel
Human KnowledgeB. Russel
India Wins FreedomAbdul Kalam Azad
Indian PhilosophyDr. S. Radhakrishnan
I Follow the MahatmaK. M. Munshi
Indian War of IndependenceV. D. Savarkar
If I am AssassinatedZulfikar Ali Bhutto
Indira GandhiPupul Jaykar
Jobs of MillionsV. V. Giri
Kamayani, Prem Pathic, AjatshatruJai Shanker Prasad
Khizr TiwanaDr. Ian Talbot
Life DivineSri aurobindo
Lenin in ZurichAlexander Solzhenitsyn
Last Days of NetajiG. D. Khosla
Les MiserablesVictor Hugo
MahabharatVeda Vyas
Mein KempfHitler
My Childhood DaysTaslima Nasreen
My DaysR. K. Narayan
My Experiments with TruthMahatma Gandhi
My Music My LifePt. Ravi Shankar
My own BoswellM. Hidayatullah
My Presidential YearsR. Venkataraman
MrityunjayaBirendra Kumar Bhattacharya
NaganandKing Shri Harsha
Neeti ShatakBharthari
Nehru and His VisionDr. K. R. Narayanan
Odyssey, IlliadHomer
Origin of Species, Descent of manCharles Darwin
OilJack Anderson
PanchtantraVishnu Sharma
Paradise LostJohn Milton
RamayanaValmiki (in Sanskrit)
Ram Charit ManasTulsi Das
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