Explore the Role of Instagram in Boosting a Graphic Designer’s Career

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While there are people who would be pretty excited about some splendid pictures of mouth-watering dishes or beautiful flowers, however, individuals in their professional capacity do not really care about these. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are acknowledged as a robust platform for connecting with family and friends and they are also, used as professional and robust networking tools.

Today, thanks to the phenomenal growth of Instagram, more and more organizations are harnessing the power of this amazing platform for interacting actively with their clients. Moreover, keep in mind that Instagram could be the best possible way of landing your Insta-career.

Some interesting statistics are provided by that tells us about the phenomenal popularity of Instagram as a business marketing platform. “As of June 2018, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users. The Like button is hit an average of 4.2 billion times per day. Instagram images get an average of 23% more engagement than their Facebook counterparts. Brands on Instagram regularly see engagement from around 4% of their total followers.

Brands see engagement rates 10x higher on Instagram than they do on Facebook. 70% of users look up a brand on Instagram. 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram. 60% of users learn about new products through Instagram. More than 200 million users visit a business profile at least once daily.”

According to the experts at, “Branding yourself and networking are the two most efficient ways in which Instagram can help you navigate your career path. While it should not be the only way you choose to internship hunt, there are simple, effective ways that you can customize your account to grab the attention of potential employers and supplement your other efforts.”

Social media sites, especially, Instagram has completely revolutionized the marketing, promotion, and the overall business world. So, experts recommend using Instagram if you are a graphic designer for creating unique works of art and promoting them to a much wider audience.

You must use this robust visual platform to its utmost potential as a graphics professional. By sharing high-quality visuals and pictures, you could now attract and grab the attention of countless Instagram users across the globe who would become your followers or potential clients.

So remember to harness the power of Instagram as a powerful promotional platform for marketing your tenacity and skills associated with graphic designing. You may increase the number of your Instagram followers, likes, and views by visiting

Instagram Is Instrumental In Boosting the Career Prospects of Graphic Designers

If you wish to expand your fan following or simply boost your exposure, you may start using Instagram. It is a robust platform that could be exploited to its fullest potential to advance your graphic design career. Here are some expert tips to achieve your career goals on Instagram as a budding graphic designer.

Your Instagram Profile Must Ooze with Professionalism

If you wish to advance your career as a competent graphic designer on this popular social media platform, you must pay attention to creating a truly professional and a serious looking profile so that it evokes an element of curiosity and interest in the minds of your clientele. The best part about Instagram is the fact that you have the liberty to incorporate a hyperlink to the Instagram Stories provided you are having 10,000 or more followers.

You need to be patient and determined as your following would be growing with time for sure if you go on posting high-quality visuals and videos consistently but these should be relevant to your graphic designing skills. When you are having a business account, you could make the most of analytics that could be providing you clear information about the best times for posting your pictures or videos.

You could get to know when you could get maximum engagement and accordingly you need to schedule your posts. It is a wise idea to post fresh content precisely when your followers engaged with your post maximum and liked your content maximum.

Connecting with Your Prospects Is Mandatory

Instagram definitely has a purpose. This robust social media platform wishes to see its users interact actively with other users and seamlessly boost engagement. It is mandatory for graphic designers to effectively connect with their target clients and highlight their works of art or design for attracting more and more probable customers.

There are two effective ways of boosting traffic. First of all, you could consider following back all those individuals who follow you. You must make it a habit to consistently like posts of other professional graphic designers on the platform. This helps build feelings of camaraderie and solidarity.

They may in turn like your post as a courtesy but you must always post some amazing unique graphic designs created by you. Secondly, make the best use of the comments section. Keep leaving meaningful comments on the posts of other professional graphic designers.

This would demonstrate that you are not only interested but impressed by their content. Your comment must show that you have a thorough understanding of the subject. Avoid comments that sound spammy like ‘nice picture’ etc. Since you are a qualified graphic designer, you could leave comments about the logo design etc.

Consistently Post a Variety of Visuals to Kill Monotony

If you go on using the same type of videos and images, your target audience would be bored immensely. Your posts would not only be repetitive but would look drab and boring. You know that variety is the spice of life and you could add some amazing spice to your Instagram account by using a host of varied pictures. Your pictures must differ from one another and must differ from one genre to another. However, avoid using something too brash or flashy.


You must connect with the professional graphic design world by using the best pictures of your creative works of art. Your content must be unique and fresh at all times. Only then you could create a good impression on the minds of the fraternity.

You could advance your graphic design career by showcasing your competence as a graphic designer on this robust marketing platform. Showcase your best creations.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit and learn how to build more follower presence.

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