An experience of how technology is more trouble than it’s worth

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The meaning of technology is – the practical application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. However, the application of technology is vast and there is always the chance of improvement from what is today’s best to what will be tomorrow’s best.

Without technology, human being cannot survive in today’s date. Each one of us has gotten so used to technology that we cannot even think of a world without technology. By the help of technology, the works done by the human beings has gotten easier to the point where without it we will probably be blind.

Human beings are so used to technology that they are always looking for a better technology than the existing ones and this hunger of them has led to the invention of many advanced technologies that according to some people are not suitable for this century.

The trouble with technology

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Technology no matter how useful it is it also causes trouble for the human beings. However, people are so fond of it that most of the time they ignore the trouble that is being caused by it. Technology is nothing but science and because of this people should not rely on it 100 %.

Technology can cause a problem. A technology goes through numerous numbers of trials before it gets approved by the authorities for getting accessible by the public. It proves that no technology is perfect, and they are bound to create problem for humans sooner or later.

Sure, technology helps us in more than one way but in retrospect it also causes trouble in more than one way. Technology can also be used by people in different ways like if a hacker wants to hack some computer, he or she can easily do it with the help of a computer which is a type of technology.

Buying a technology is always costly and it doesn’t matter how insignificant the technology is, people have to pay a generous amount of money for it, always.

I have personally experienced that technology is causing real problem and that makes me wonder is technology really worth the trouble that people face. Different people will have different answer to my question and I don’t mind the different answers as each one speaks from their personal experiences.

In my experience I will say that it definitely is not worth that much trouble. We all have bank accounts and now a day’s we all like to link them with our phone numbers so that we can get update about the money from time to time.

It makes it easier for us, and we don’t have to travel all the way to the bank to know details about the account. Most of the people’s bank accounts are linked with their phone numbers just like mine.

I never thought that linking my phone number with my bank account will cause me so much trouble. In fact no one would think that a simple thing like this can cause problem. But in my case it did.

One day out of nowhere I get a text message that says that fifty thousand rupees was withdrawn from my bank account. Normally if people get this kind of texts, they immediately starts to panic and I did the same thing because I didn’t authorize any withdrawal so how did it happen.

I called the bank and asked about it and they said that I did authorize the transaction. I had no idea what to do. After thinking for a few minutes, I decided to go to the bank and see what is going on. So, I left in absolute hurry while panicking all the way to the bank.

After reaching the bank I asked what is going on, and they said that I did ask for the withdrawal. When I denied, they told me to talk with the branch manager. I explained the situation to him, and he asked me to wait so that he can look into the matter.

After five minutes the bank manager comes and apologetically informs me that the text was sent to me by mistake. What happened was that someone with the same name as me had withdrawn the money from her account and because of some problem with the computer, the message was sent to me instead of her.

At that time I realized that technology is really problematic. Now it may be fine but there is no guarantee that it won’t cause any trouble the next moment.

Who would have thought I would have to face this kind of situation because of a mistake done by the technology. I sure didn’t.

Technology causes so much more trouble for us, but we just ignore them or turn blind eyes towards them. But those problem remains and in some situations like the one I faced, we at that moment realize that technology is really troublesome but after we get past the situation we simply forget about them.

As technology makes our life comfortable and easier and up to certain point lazy, we choose to ignore its side effects and take the problems as granted.

Technology is useful and there is no way to deny that fact, but we should also accept the fact that it also causes troubles for us so judge the technology accordingly. I am not saying that we should stop using technology because quite frankly it is not possible for us to do that.

All I am saying is before accepting a technology, we should at least judge it on the basis of the problems it cases with its usefulness.

Accepting a technology without knowing what kind of problem it may cause can be dangerous as technology if misused also has a habit of bursting. We should know about a technology in detail before using it so that we can take proper precautions and prepare ourselves for the outcome if something did happen.

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