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Children and Fun

We all love to relax during the weekends. The whole week is spent in working and when it comes to the weekend’s people prefer to chill and relax with their friends and family.

Some people prefer to stay at home and relax. Others prefer a leisure time around by visiting libraries for getting into a sport of their choice.

Some prefer indulging in hobbies such as gardening, craft making, doll making, drawing, pottery, etc. Hobby ideas are good for homemakers too!! Many of them turn lucrative business owners with just hobby idea being implemented for mainstream business!

And then there are the adventurous ones that prefer going out of town and hiking or camping for a day or two. Travelling is also a weekend activity that many prefer to indulge in.

Apart from these common activities, the weekends are also spent in getting ready for the next week, completing assignments, studying for the tests, preparing presentations, etc.

Life is a continuous circle. One generation makes way for the next generation and they struggle and strive to make their own identities. When children in the house prefer a day’s outing, be it in the weekends or during the holidays, parents are confused about taking them outside.

They wonder if they would entertain their kids by taking them to the nearest park or for a long drive. For the fun filled, enthusiastic children, a small trip to the nearby park won’t be sufficient and they demand more.

Hence, families plan vacations in advance and take their children out during holidays. Holidays could be planned to places of interest so that it also becomes an educational trip for the students, a trekking camp with parents, a visit to the nearby zoos or museums, etc. Cinema halls are usually busy during the weekends; so many people don’t prefer to take their children in the huge crowds.

Family Time

It is during the weekends, that people settle in to relax and chill for a while before getting on to the day’s activities. Many homes prefer retaining the weekends to clean the house and keep the house tidy and in order.

After the morning hours are spent in cleaning and washing, the afternoon hours are spent in relaxing and lazing around.

Evenings should be made fun and hence parents take their children to bring them into action. Many parents involve their kids in a sport of their choice, which lets them practice during the weekends. If not for sports, they are allowed to have fun in the park and make merry.

When it comes to family, the time we spend with our family is very important as it builds a very strong bonding with all members of the family.

When we sit together to watch a movie, the presence of the entire family brings in a feeling of caring and sharing our thoughts between each other.

Children are assured of the fact that their parents care for them and that somebody is there to take care of them all the time. Children learn to be more tolerant towards each other and that brings in a sense of unity within the family.

Exhibitions, amusement parks, snow worlds, etc are places where children have endless fun and parents make sure that their children are safe and enjoying without any problems.

Essel World – The Amusement Park

A similar amusement park, located in northwest Mumbai, in Gorai is the Essel world. It is basically an amusement park and has themes for the entire family to get involved and have lot of fun.

It was first started in the year 1989 and has drawn 20 million customers till date, according to relevant sources.

Children love to have fun in these amusement rides that are age appropriate and each amusement has a specific age indication. All the amusement rides are not open to all ages. Every amusement ride has its own age criteria, but it certainly has something for everyone.

octopus ride in Essel World

Image Credit: Source (Octopus ride in Essel World)

The main attractions at Essel World are Bowling alleys, snow rinks, top spin, and monster in the mist etc. it also has some mysterious grounds and stored dark rooms, such as the booth bungalow or the paradise of the ghosts.

Rainbows and thunders are other attractions of the place where one can spend a day to visit and have lots of fun. A day’s visit sounds a little less for this amazing place which has so much to offer.

Every year, new things and amusements rides are added to increase the fun at this theme park.

Essel world is basically a theme park, wherein the amusements are built and constructed according to pre- conceives themes. They are approved before their construction. The themes are such that children get drawn to them.

The themes offer varieties and even the young and the old alike enjoy rides in these amusement rides. Not only that, safety is a big thing at these amusement parks.

All the amusement rides are age specific and are only allowed before their age is ascertained for a particular kind of ride. Rides that are meant for the higher age groups are not allowed to be let in for the younger age groups.

As such, the Essel world kingdom has much to offer in terms of its beauty and scenic nature as well. Nobody feels tired when enjoying these rides. Food and water facilities are available in plenty on the over 64 acres of total land.

Water Kingdom

Apart from the themed amusement rides at Essel world, it has much to offer in terms of the themed water park spread across 22 acres. Water brings in lots of fun to children. When we get into water to have fun, our energy levels automatically increase and all the tiredness goes away from us.

When we place a small baby in a tiny pool of water, it gives us immense joy to see him making merry splashing water all around and enjoying himself in the little pool. Such is the ability of water, which can make one get into a mood of excitement.

The 22 acres themed water park at Essel world has much to offer in terms of play pools and lagoons. They are well maintained by the authorities of Essel world.

Crystal clear blue water is always available at this water park and the quality of water is something to boast of. Almost 90 liters of fresh water is made available at the park every day and it caters to the never ending crowds, especially during the weekends.

What-a- Coaster, drifting rivers, etc set amidst quiet and splendid nature attracts children and the aged alike. They love to play in the waters. New areas entitled lagoons have added beauty to the water world by filling them with more fun and excitement.

Parent supervision is a must in all these play areas. There are vigilance officers available at all times and help is available throughout the day.

Medical help and supervision is provided appropriately at times of need. Monitoring children during play times is the parents’ responsibility and we must ensure their safety by taking proper care.

Visitors from all Genres

School trips, college trips, family trios, be it any kind of trip, Essel world is the ideal destination and a must visit place when one chooses or have fun and relaxation away from the bustling cities and hectic work schedules, it rejuvenates the mind and sets our mind for another week of hectic schedules.

Parent supervision is essential and if children are going on a trip with their school, we must talk to their school authorities before hand and ensure their safety.

Children love this place as it is filled with fun and entertainment. The fun never seems to end. If a visitor is visiting this place for the first time, then they would be enthralled and astonished with the different amusement rides on offer.

The themes adopted for the various amusements on offer are one of its kinds and one can easily get carried away by the elaborate rides.

The age factor is a deciding point for these rides. Everyone, from a toddler to a senior citizen can have oodles of fun at this place. It has something to offer everyone.

Little children can be seen sticking to their parents in the water world theme park and the use of good safety measures is a big plus point at this wonder place.

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