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What is Wisdom?

To be wise or a person is said to be wise when he has proper knowledge, experience, good judgment and confidence. When a person develops and gains all these qualities then only, will a person experience true wisdom.

Even though these qualities appear to be easily available or easily accessible, it depends immensely on the person’s character to obtain proper knowledge and still not become egoistic towards others.

We have often heard that some person gained a lot of knowledge via education and then started having pride or being proud of himself for becoming a successful person. But while he embraced his pride so fiercely he forgot to gain wisdom as we know ego or pride and wisdom can never go hand in hand.

The Path towards Wisdom

Before becoming a wise person, it is important to become a good and a skilled knowledgeable person. This can be done by becoming the expert of your knowledge which can be related to anything but at the same time should be of certain use to the mankind.

It is very important to understand that just gaining a degree or a certificate does not make a person knowledgeable. A person becomes knowledgeable only when he is able to understand the depth of his education and also his agenda behind acquiring that knowledge.

The second thing which comes after gaining proper knowledge is to gain proper experience in that field of work. Proper guidance and opportunity will make a person experienced in his field of work.

After a person has become knowledgeable and experienced then comes the crucial part. In this phase of his life, a person has to make his decision, one will be to follow the good path and be helpful to the society and the other will be the bad path where he will become greedy, selfish and egoistic about his achievements.

It is very in today’s date for a person to become selfless and work for the betterment of the society. In fact, we can see that every second person has succumbed to the darkness living inside him and therefore, become greedy and selfish. Such people can never become wise.

The brave or courageous person who shows the required self-restraint and does not fall victim to greed and ego has cleared the first step towards becoming a wise person. The next most important thing is proper judgement to judge good from bad and make proper choices in crucial or difficult situations.

A person should be able to judge the situation as there will be many other people around us who would be waiting to pounce of one weakness. It is his responsibility to not become the victim of these sharks. Therefore, proper judgement is very important to escape such problematic situations.

After acquiring proper judgement, confidence is the next important necessity. Gaining Confidence is also very tricky phase as here also that person will be tested if he succumbs to over-confidence and then pride and ego and automatically no wisdom.

When a person becomes successful then only will he be able to gain some self-confidence and this confidence will help him take the proper and difficult or tricky decisions in his life.

But there is a very thin line between confidence and over confidence. This thin line should not be crossed by that person otherwise, he would never be able to become wise.

All this knowledge and personality change will create a self-image which will be definitely helpful to provide help to the society. A person should never forget that every step towards wisdom will require more sacrifices than the previous steps.

Therefore, a person should be courageous, brave and mostly should have faith on himself that he could become a good man and be helpful towards the society. After all a wise person will always work for the betterment of the society and to help others become useful to the society.

A person who learns to apply all his good knowledge and judgement to escape the bad situations of life and also the person who is brave enough to accept his fault and show enough courage to improve or learn from his mistakes will become wise and only will he be somewhat helpful to the society.


Whenever we talk about wisdom or a wise person, we remember the story told to us in our childhood, the story of Socrates: the wise. Socrates was a Greek philosopher and was literally known as the “lover of wisdom”.

Socrates taught his students that wisdom and virtue are the two necessary requirements to live a happy and satisfactory life. According to Socrates, being wise meant that a person should help others become knowledgeable and gain wisdom.

That is what Socrates’ agenda in his life was, to give others knowledge to become wise and live a happy life. This is therefore, exactly what wisdom means. In today’s date, somewhere, man has lost to acknowledge the importance of wisdom and just run behind money and fame.

It is not that money and fame is bad or not good for the person to live a happy life. But the use of that money and fame to live a regret-free, tension free life is what is important.

When a person is selfish and egoistic, he will always have the greed to gain more money and fame and therefore, will never become wise and lead a happy life.

To be wise is and never will be an easy task but the satisfaction of using that wisdom to help the society and live a happy life will be definitely like no other.

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