Essay on a Funny Incident that Happened in the Class

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There have been multiple funny incidents that took place in my classroom. But the one that specifically stands out happened last week during lunchtime.

One of my friends is a foodie. While most of us are reluctant in finishing off our food during lunch break, she is someone who looks forward to savouring the goodies packed by her mom on a daily basis. Her lunch is an elaborate affair as well. While we would be struggling to gulp down the chapattis with jam or Maggie noodles from our lunchboxes, the very sight of her opening her lunchbox is a ceremony in itself.

She usually brings a lunchbox with multiple compartments to hold various dishes that her mother lovingly prepares for her in the morning. Her lunch, more often than not, resembles the comfort food that you would order from a restaurant on your cheat day of dieting!

Last week, while I opened my lunchbox to finish off my run-of-the-mill pasta, I saw my friend victoriously unveiling her new lunchbox that looked like a multi-storey building. She then unpacked her lunch that consisted of butter chicken and pulao. After she finished eating that, she gave us a scholarly look while dismantling the different parts of her lunch box and spreading it on the table. She had actually got all the ingredients you would need to create a finger-licking pani puri! And this was how she decided to wrap up her lunch.

While she conscientiously mixed the boiled potatoes, chopped onions, cooked chickpeas, chopped coriander, chutneys, and flavoured pani into the puri, she could have not looked happier! She victoriously finished off the 8 puris in her lunchbox without offering us a morsel to taste. Although this seemed like quite a selfish act on her part, we the spectators enjoyed the show thoroughly, and could not stop laughing as we reminisced about this incident a few days later.


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