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On newspapers, we get to read lot of news related to fire accidents, incidents that caused a minor fire at some place, etc.

Getting into detail, the piece of news would also suggest how the fire was tended and before that, what caused the fire and how it broke down. Small incidents of fire could be doused with the help of a little knowledge and awareness.

However, a big fire needs to be treated cautiously as it would lead to enormous damage in lives and property.

A small spark of inflammable material is enough to create huge fumes of fire and the worst part of  fire breakdown is the possible cause of spreading of flames from one structure to another and further continuing to adjacent structures, causing unaccountable damage and loss of lots of lives.

Trained personnel who can act fast on such incidents would be required to bring in to treat the fire and bring it under control.

These trained personnel belong to a fire station, according to the jurisdiction decided by the government rules and regulations.

A fire station is also called a fire brigade and they consist of firemen, who act in critical and emergency situations that deal with fire .

They are also trained personnel to act in rescue operations and provide help during emergency situations like a natural calamity or a major disaster.

The fire brigade presents the most tough and challenging force of workmen as they need to act fast in high risk, high danger environments, and handling equipment’s to bring down any kind of fire that may have engulfed the premises.

The organization has its own set of criteria for recruiting special personnel having capability to take on these challenging tasks and further provides them meticulous and special skill training to brave any kind of situation and bring it under control. Sometimes, the firemen risk their own lives while trying to tend to a fire.

Fire Brigade – What They Do

Let’s assume a building in the vicinity of our locality has accidentally caught fire because of a short circuit. We can see huge flames engulfing the whole building and also fumes coming out from the inside of the building as well. What do we do when we are in such a situation?

First and foremost, looking at the intensity of the situation, calling the fire brigade and providing the exact location of the fire accident would be the best thing to do. The fire brigade personnel would definitely take some time to reach the spot.

Once the fire engine reaches the spot and the firemen start tending the fire with their long water pipes, there would arise two questions in front of us now. How many people could be evacuated and how many are still trapped inside the building.

The fire personnel now have two tasks in front of them, first, dousing the flames and bringing them under control and secondly evacuating the trapped people inside the building.

Assuming the firemen act quickly and take a reasonable time to bring down the fire, they would need to simultaneously rush in to provide help to people trapped inside the building.

This rescue operation is supported by special ladders attached to the fire engine, so that the fire fighters can easily get access to higher floors of the building on fire.

After safely evacuating the people trapped inside the building, the next step is to make note of the casualties. Firemen are also trained to take care of people in emergency situations and provide them first-aid so that they can withstand the wound and the pain till the ambulance arises.

The fire brigade provides firemen with a specialized fire engine that contains long, hoses or pipes to spray water in great pressure to bring down the flames. We can see petrol pumps containing provisions of sand to act in case of a sudden spurt of fire.

Sand is known to quickly douse a small fire when poured on them, so it’s best to keep handy some ready sand available in case there is a fire.

This also makes use of the time that is spent in waiting for the fire personnel to walk in and douse the flames. Big movie screens and multiplexes also have this provision just as a precautionary measure against a possible fire accident.

Special Qualities of Firemen

Firemen are known to have excellent presence of mind in handling tough situations. The courage needed to operate in a high risk environment comes naturally to fire men.

The fire brigade further teaches them enough skills to handle a critical situation. It also provides training to rescue people from a natural calamity.

Operations involving helping affected people in case of earthquakes or landslides, in case of huge accidents are also part of the task of fire personnel. Their skill training also prepares them to take on challenging situations apart from fire related accidents.

In case of a fire breakdown, acting judiciously and prioritizing on treating the fire comes first. Taking a tough stand and decision on acting at appropriate points is of utmost importance in a critical situation.

Taking stock of the situation and reporting casualties is another huge task for the fire brigade personnel.

Moving people to safety and providing them shelter from flying objects is another major responsibility of fire fighters.

As soon as people are evacuated, they should be provided first aid and emergency services pressed into action to save innocent lives.

The cause of the fire should be ascertained and the reason why the fire broke down needs to be calculated with precision.

After ascertaining the reason by the fire brigade, they try to find out whether it occurred accidentally or of there was a culprit was involved in causing the accident.

The investigations are further handed over to the police personnel to carry out detailed study of the accident and come up with a working report.

Casualties and damages are reported and the loss of lives and extent of property damage is filed for further investigations.

There are a lot of teams working together when there is a fire accident. We can see that the medical services are pressed into action, police personnel need to deliver their duties in co-ordination with the fire personnel.

The fire men are accountable for providing first and foremost hands-on information about the extent of fire. To a certain extent they are first witnesses to provide details to report regarding damages caused.

Life Risks of Firemen

Firemen belonging to the fire brigade are provided with special gear to protect themselves from the blazing flames and heat.

Extra thick and protective gears to cover their bodies as well as helmets/ headgear to protect themselves from injuries are a must for every fireman acting on bringing down a fire.

The fire brigade provides insurance covers to these personnel and their family as they are involved in a high risk job and a lot of critical factors go in handling the situations.

Fire personnel are known to rush in to act on a situation where everyone else fears to even go near such a situation.

They are known to have quick decision making abilities, act quickly upon an accident and great presence of mind!

In movies, we can see how a building set on fire causes much damage to lives and property. The hero of the movie daringly breaks open from the fire and courageously emerges as the show man.

In reality, the show man in such dire situations is actually the fire men without whom we can’t even think of moving a little when faced with such an emergency.

Fire brigade or fire stations are present in every major town and city to quickly act in emergency situations and also provide services during big rescue operations.

High risk environments are just another place where fire men would be normally found engaged.

Mock fire drill operations to educate people about fire accidents and the ways in which they can prevent such incidents from occurring are part of the activities taken up by fire brigade personnel for purposes of civilian education.

They also visit schools and spread awareness among children and tell them how to not panic in case of an emergency and what exactly to do when faced with such situations.

With improvements in science and technology, the fire department has also upgraded itself to modern day needs and uses latest innovations and equipment’s whenever the situation demands.

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