Speech on Entrance Exams are not true Indicators of a Person’s Ability

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A very good morning to one and all present over here on this auspicious day. Today, I am going to speak on the topic that entrance exams are not true indicators of a person’s abilities for skills. It is a matter of great honor for me to have been chosen to deliver the speech in front of my esteemed teachers and my loving friends and classmates. 

Entrance exams were put into effect in order to select the most deserving candidates for a particular post of course of study. They should never be considered an indicator of a person’s true knowledge and intellect.

There are hundreds of people in this world who have never sat for an entrance test and yet they are the most successful once we have ever heard of. When we are talking about entrance test, how can we not talk about the famous Joint Entrance Examination held by the Indian Institute of Technology for admission into these institutes.

This exam is considered by many as the toughest examination in the world selecting less than 1% of candidates apply for it. Things might seem extremely rosy when talking about this institutes. But these numbers are just an indicator of the mechanical lives that we are living in this 21st century.

Today entrance tests can be cracked very easily because they have a general pattern of study and anyone memorizing or mugging up information can ask these exams. Coaching institutes are the concoctions of the new age businessmen who deal in education.

These institutes are solely responsible for degrading the quality of education in our country. They admit students who are of average intellect and talent and prepare them according to the exam questions.

They are made to mug up a lot of information and are made to study more than 20 hours a day in some institutes. There is particularly a place called Kota in Rajasthan which has become the hub of these unjust and inhuman activities.

This place has various coaching institutes who take a fortune as fees and make the children perform rigorous academic activities which includes just studying and nothing else for almost an entire day. In Kota, the students are under extremely strict supervision and do not have the freedom of going out with their friends or indulge in other activities of recreation.

These students, who come here, are usually under immense pressure from their family to perform well in their entrance examinations. These students are blinded by the immense opportunities that exist in the world outside their tiny study rooms.

Because of this immense amount of pressure that the students are put through, few of them even take up drastic steps like committing suicide and killing themselves. They reach a mental state when the horrors of death seem less terrifying than the horrors of life. 

Another thing that we should note here is that there are many people in this world who have made it big in spite of failing entrance exams. The best example of them is Satya Nadella, the man who replaced the technology giant and the richest ever, Bill Gates, was not from an esteemed or prestigious institute. He was from a modest private engineering college. There are other examples too.

The 2009 Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Venkataraman was also rejected entry into an IIT because he was unable to clear the entrance test. In spite of this, he made it bigger than any IIT student ever winning the Nobel prize in Chemistry.

The list goes on and on, only, to prove that entrance exams can never be true indicators of a man’s ability and skills. Entrance exams are made of some questions which need to be answered. Do you think that writing an answer that you read in a book makes you destined for greatness? If you think so, unfortunately, you are living in an imaginary world of yourself and there is only one word to define you – foolish. 

I would like to conclude by saying that the human being and the human brain is a very complex creation of god. We do not know what we have within ourselves.

No entrance test in the world has ever been designed to be able to gauge a person’s skills. Entrance exams, just like all other exams can only test whether you have studied for that particular exam or not and nothing else. Such people can be called well trained.

They have been trained to pass an exam. Just like dogs are trained to catch a ball and just like donkeys are trained to carry weight. Such animals are also well trained and not well educated. These days education has been relegated and entrance exams are just a reflection of it. 

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