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We consume many food items every single day. Some of them are good for our health while some of them are not good. People consume these food items on the basis of their diet or they take them as they like to consume them. Sometimes people are so tempted from the advertisements that they eat them without knowing whether the food is good for health or not.

This results in further health problems. Well, people should not be tempted by the advertisements so much they don’t even know what is going inside their body. Even if one gets tempted seeing the advertisements, one should first find what the food contains.

Sometimes people even follow the trend. They eat whatever is common in the present time. We should have a proper diet so that our body grows and develops in the right way. These days energy drinks are very common especially among the youth.

Most of the time we can see them holding the energy drinks. Some people consume the energy drinks like they are taking in food. This is not good because addiction of anything is not good. People should learn to eat food in the right quantity. Excess of anything will lead to many health problems. 

What are energy drinks? 

Energy drinks are drinks that are sold for the purpose of making a person active, alert and improving their performance physically and mentally. At the present time, the sales of energy drinks are increasing because of the advertisements and marketing strategies.

energy drinks essayThese two are very important factors for the sales of a product. These days energy drinks have become a part of people’s diet. They drink them very often. Energy drinks are most common among the youth. Energy drinks contain caffeine, sugar, vitamins, guarana, taurine, orange, antioxidants and many other substances.

Out of these caffeine constitutes the largest in the contents. Consuming these energy drinks can benefit as well as harm us. These energy drinks should not be taken in huge quantity.

This will disturb the digestive system and even there will be various health problems. One should also avoid binge drinking these energy drinks. Not only this we should neglect other healthy foods. If we drink only the energy drink and not eat anything our health will deteriorate.  

Famous energy drinks 

At the present day, no one has time to eat properly. This is the reason why people prefer eating ready made food items or drink energy drinks. We take them thinking they will give us energy to be active and work the entire day. But this does not happen. No energy drink can replace the healthy food. But still there has been an increase in the sales of different energy drinks.  

There are many famous energy drinks all over the world. Currently, in the world Red Bull is on the top. But if we compare the growth and sales, then Monster beats Red Bull in that case. As the energy drinks are getting popular there is a decrease in the sales of soda or soft drinks.

The energy drinks are beating the drinks because of its innovative and creative advertisements and marketing strategies. According to the sales of the energy drinks, the list from the top goes like this: red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Lucozade, NOS, Burn, M-150, Sting, Cobra, Hi- Tiger, Eastroc Super Drink, Adrenaline Rush, Dekavita C, Power Horse, Relentless and Amp. 

In India, the top energy drinks are Red Bull, Monster, Mountain Dew, Tzinga, Cloud 9, Crunk, Xtra Power, Café Cuba, Burn and B’Lue. Red Bull has gained a lot of popularity in India too and has achieved profits in these years. In India, Red Bull has their own internship in which the students work for the sales of Red Bull all over India.

Sometimes all the regions of red Bull meet at a place for various discussions and to celebrate for the growth they are gaining. We can also see Red Bull sponsoring many sports and cultural events in the entire country.

They even give red Bull goodies and drinks to these players, participants and interns who work for them. Slowly, Red Bull has started bringing different flavours. This helps the people choose the drink from a variety of options.  

Despite so much popularity, some of the energy drinks’ brand are owned by other companies. For example: NOS, Relentless and Burn is owned by Coca Cola.

But the company has given the rights of these brands to Monster. Even though Rockstar is not owned by anyone but Pepsi distributes it.  

There are a lot of energy drinks which have still not gained popularity like the ones in top. If a company wants their brand to be in the top, they should have good advertisements and marketing strategies that can beat other energy drinks. One should avoid copying other brands because it will not give them any sort of popularity or profit.

The companies should bring out something new and they must be able to clearly show how their brand is different from the other brands. Uniqueness will help them to gain in the market.

They should be able to satisfy the customers. If one type of advertisements and marketing strategies don’t work, they should change them. They must also change the branding, packaging styles too. The companies should know the consumer tastes and preferences as well. These factors will help them a lot to come on the top in the market.  

Effect of energy drinks on our body 

People think that the various energy drinks will keep them active and improve their performance both mentally and physically. Well, that actually does not happen. When a person consumes an energy drink they only feel freshened for a short period of time. Nothing else happens. It is a wrong belief that people have about the energy drinks. Instead there are many problems which energy drinks can cause.

energy drinks essayThere may be problems with the blood pressure and the regularity of blood flow in our body. Energy drinks contain caffeine. Excess amount of caffeine can cause various heart problems. A person can face problems with their digestive system. They may feel anxiety and dehydrated because of the energy drink. People’s sleeping patterns can also be affected because of the caffeine content in the energy drinks.

Caffeine has a lot of negative effects. There are many other substances which are present in the energy drinks but they have not been well researched like the way there is so much information about caffeine. But people should very well know about the contents present in the energy drinks.

Caffeine alone is not safe for our health. But as there many other substances in the energy drink along with caffeine, there can be more serious effects. This will help them to know whether taking these energy drinks will harm them or benefit them. Even if a person is drinking these energy drinks they should take them in limited quantity. They should not consume them more than the limit.  

Personal experience on energy drinks 

 Last year I had a very bad experience with the energy drinks. In the month of August, there was a national dance battle organized in the city by my friend. Dancers from all over the country came to take part in this battle. The dance battle included the battles of different forms of dance like popping, krump, locking, bollywood, indian and bboying. These were further divided into various categories.

Me and my friends love to watch such dance battles. Mostly our friend circle includes dancers as the majority. So, we went to watch the dance battle. The battle was organized for three days. During these three days we had not been eating properly. We would eat only in the morning properly before we would go to watch the dance battle.

But after we went there we would not eat anything. None of us liked to miss anyone’s performance so we never went of the place to eat. Red Bull was sponsoring the event.

So, everyone was getting free red Bull during these three days. We would drink only Red Bull and some chips. As we did not eat anything other than chips and Red Bull, our digestive system was disturbed. We started to puke a lot and every single day.

We fell sick for like three to four days. We had to eat healthy food until our stomach was alright. After this incident, I have been always eating properly and taking only limited quantity of Red Bull whenever we go to such battles.   

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