Essay on Energy Crisis in the World

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What do you mean by energy and what are the different forms of energy?

The capacity present in any physical system, whether it is a human being or machine, to do any sort of work is referred as energy. Energy is present everywhere. But every human who is living and surviving on this earth needs to understand that if energy is present in us or around us, it does not mean that it is meant only for doing work.

Energy has many uses. Some sources of energy are forever while some are only for a fixed duration of time. It needs to be stored as well apart from using the available energy. Energy always remains the same. It is just that it is transformed from one form of energy to another.

There different forms of energy like heat energy, light energy, Kinetic energy, potential energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy, magnetic energy, chemical energy and nuclear energy. Heat energy is also known thermal energy. In this form of energy, atoms or molecules move from one part to the other.

This form of energy is related to the temperature of any substance or body. In light energy, the photons are the main form of energy. Kinetic energy is related the energy present in any moving body. Potential energy is the energy which affected because of the position of an object or body.

Mechanical energy is a combination or rather a total of potential energy and kinetic energy. Electrical energy refers to the energy that is produced because of the movement of charged particles like protons, electrons and ions. Magnetic energy is produced by any magnetic field.

Chemical reactions formed or broken due to the chemical bonds between molecules and atoms results in chemical energy. Nuclear energy is a very strong energy and this formed when protons and neutrons interact with each other.

Different sources of energy

There are different forms and sources of energy. All human beings and machines need energy to perform tasks. It does not matter that it is a machine or human being. Everyone needs energy to do the work. Without the energy no work can be started and completed.

The sources of energy mean that from where we get all the different forms of energy. As there are many forms of energy, sometimes we do not get the form of energy we want. But that energy can be transformed to another form of energy which can be of our use.

The biological systems of nature get energy from the sun. This energy can be received directly or indirectly. These plants are further consumed by animals and human beings to get energy for their body.

The different sources of energy come in two categories. These two categories are renewable sources of energy and non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy are those sources which are present naturally in large quantity and they can be replenished, that is, they are not limited and will not be over.

While non-renewable sources of energy are just the opposite of renewable. They are available in a limited quantity and will get over some day in the future. The renewable sources of energy do not harm the nature. They are environment friendly. But the non-renewable sources of energy and their use harm the nature and cause disruption.

The different renewable sources of energy are air, water, sun, biomass, hydrogen and the inner earth layers. Air helps to produce wind energy, water for hydro-electric energy, sun for solar energy, biomass for many alternative fuels and geothermal energy is made from the inner layers of the earth.

In order to produces these different forms of energy from the renewable sources is not easy. It is hard and requires a lot of effort compared to the non-renewable ones. This is because one does not what these sources will give us as an output.

The different non-renewable sources of energy are coal, nuclear energy, oil and natural gas. The non-renewable sources of energy are used on a large scale. This is why it is preferred more than the renewable source. But as this source of energy is used on a large scale, they are getting over very fast.

The use of non-renewable sources of energy must be controlled otherwise in the future we will not have the energy which is produced by the different non-renewable sources of energy.

Causes of energy crisis in the world

The problem of energy crisis in the world is a major concern for every one of us. This is because the limited source of energy that is present on the earth is reducing at a very rapid rate but still the demands are increasing with the passage of time. The topic of energy crisis is very big. Most of us do not understand this major issue until and unless we ourselves face some sort of crisis.

For example: When our LPG cylinder gets over at our house and there is no extra cylinder for emergency, we run helter skelter in search of one from our neighbors or relatives. Another example is when we need to fill our vehicle with the fuel and there is none left in the gas station.

We get tensed and go in search for another gas station to get the fuel. The energy crisis is increasing day by day in the world. Everyone may not notice it. This issue needs to be solved with enough hard work and efforts. We do not understand this issue because this is a complex and that is why the energy crisis has not been solved till now.

There are many causes of energy crisis in the world. First cause is over consumption. People over consume the fuels like gas, oil and coal. As these are over consumed, it further results in pollution and harms our water and oxygen. The second reason is overpopulation.

Population is increasing day by day and with the increase in population there is rise in the demands also. This is why the resources are drained due to overuse. The other reason is no proper infrastructure. Due to poor infrastructure, the available resources are not used properly.

Not only this, an infrastructure which is not upgraded regularly, they restrict the optimum use of energy. People do not understand that non-renewable sources of energy will get over some day. But still they are used excessively. But this is just the opposite in case of renewable sources.

They are available in plenty. So, humans need to understand that these renewable sources must be used so that the non-renewable sources of energy are not excessively used. In some places people use energy excessively. Even when they do not need it, still they use the energy sources and waste them. Even during wars, battles and natural calamities a lot of energy gets wasted.

Solutions for energy crisis in the world

The problem of energy crisis in the world can be solved but this needs responsibilities and honest effort. Just thinking about the solutions to solve this issue does not matter. It is important to implement these solutions in reality as well.

First solution is people should use more of renewable resources than the non-renewable resources. This is necessary because the limited resources, that is, the non-renewable resources are used properly and not excessively. It is important to store the non-renewable resources as they are present in limited quantity.

People should start buying those appliances for the household purpose which will save energy rather than wasting them. In the present day, where the technologies have become modernized which uses energy according to the need. For example, the use of lights as per our needs.

There are different lights which can be controlled and used how much we want. We do not require bright light every time. So, we can reduce the amount of light how much we want. This will help to save the light and electrical energy. There should be focus on energy simulation.

People should use energy audit. This will make them realize where the energy is getting lost. After that steps can be taken to save that energy and use it efficiently. Carbon emissions must be restricted and promotion of green environment is done.

Any activity which harms the environment must be stopped. People must be educated about the issue of energy crisis in the world and how to use the different form of energy efficiently.


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