Essay on Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

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Why does an empty vessel make noise?

We must have observed that whenever we strike an empty vessel on some hard surface, that vessel makes a lot of noise. Similarly, when we strike a vessel which will filled with water or any other object the it would not make much noise as compared to the noise made by and empty vessel.

This situation is similar in our daily life, where people make noises that is when people go on talking and talking. It is like they have a lot of topics which they think are necessary to be discussed about.

There are two types of people while talking about this phrase which include some people who are very talkative without any sense and some people who talk less but talk sensible.

The talkative people will talk about anything and everything with no such sensitivity to the topic. It is mostly the daily and weekly gossip which is of no relevance and no benefit to the society.

The very good example is that of while travelling in a public transport like a train, some people we see are regular passengers whereas some are new. Now, the regular passengers will know each other and therefore, will keep on talking about what happened in their office, their home, with their children, etc. the topic will be of no logic and simple gossip.

The new passengers or also some regular passengers who are quiet and non-talkative will be irritated because of their constant babbling which is of no relevance and importance. But those people are somewhat empty-headed as they do not understand that they are making noise for other passengers and not just talking.

Whereas the non-talkative people will keep quiet most of the times and will speak only when there is reason behind speaking. The non-talkative people like to be calm and quiet and not create a noise and disturb others. Whenever they speak, it is when the situation calls for it and also, they speak something important and not non-sense.

These people are the sufferers that is when the talkative people and the non-talkative people are put together, the talkative people as usual do not think about others and just keep talking whereas the non-talkative people will have to bear the noise created by the talkative people.

The non-talkative people will work instead of talking that is they believe in the phrase, “actions speak louder than words” and they apply it in our regular lives and speak through their actions.

The phrase, “empty vessels make much noise” thus, explains that the talkative people are the empty vessels and therefore, they make noise by talking continuously and in a non-sensible manner.

In a country like India which is highly populated, it is most likely that we come across such talkative people everyday and we cannot do anything against it, after all we cannot deny them their right of speech.

So, what we do is, we ignore them. We do not pay attention to their daily gossips and focus on our work and maintaining our cool attitude. These people lose the importance to whatever they say and hence, are ignored by most of the people.

Therefore, it is important to understand that even if they are known to us or if they are strangers, but still everyone should take care that they do not disturb others intentionally or unintentionally.

It is also when these talkative people say something which is not meant by them but rather spoken in their anger that they cannot take it back. But the words have already left the mouth and are heard by the recipient thus, having an emotional impact on him. Once, the words are said they cannot be taken back and even an apology cannot lessen the effect of the harsh words spoken by that person.

Therefore, it is very important to think before speaking as the words once spoken cannot be taken back and even if they are forgiven, they are never forgotten.

Sometimes, people talk and make promises but later they forget that they had a promise like that. But when they claim that they forgot about any promises, they do not consider that they must have hurt the promised to whom they made the promise.

Therefore, this situation also explains that one should make sure whatever they speak, they will remember after sometime.


It should be better understood that talking and making false promises will never bring a change in the society and only lead to noise and chaos in the society.

They forget that actions speak louder than words and therefore, to bring a change in the society and improve our faults and mistakes, we need to work harder and talk less.

People in our nation only talk about the injustice faced by the poor people and the victims of many violent crimes but no one comes forward and work to fight the injustice. No one comes forward to work against the crime and help the victims but only talk about how unfortunate that victim is.

Instead if even a single person comes forward and works for the change by helping the victim live his/her life how they used to live before the incident and start working towards the betterment of the society, it will bring a definite change which would never have been possible by just talking and speaking about it.

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