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Family plays an important role in a person’s life. A good family support system enables a person to have a positive outlook towards life and builds up moral values and strengthens good thoughts in him.

Family members play a vital role in shaping a person’s character right from the time he is a toddler till he becomes elderly and wise.

The values inherited from the family members to the next generations are reflected in their ways and deeds.

In our society, elders are treated with great respect, owing to the legacy and knowledge they have acquired through their experience.

Their words of wisdom never fail to guide youngsters in the right path and ready to take on life’s responsibility.

Importance of Sibling 

We all live in an interdependent society where every human being relies on the other, directly or indirectly, in various forms for fulfillment of their needs.

Children depend on parents for their education and progress in life. Parents seek happiness from their children in the process of seeing them grow into responsible adults.

Siblings learn virtues of caring and sharing by staying together in a family.

Happiness is established in a family by mutual understanding and creating harmonious relationships mainly between the younger members of the family.

A brother in an elder role in the family protects and guides his younger siblings in the right manner.

He cares for his younger counterparts when they seek help and holds their hands when they need his support.

My Elder Brother as a Person

My elder brother who is also my guide and good friend always considers family as his priority and family members’ hold the most important place in his heart.

The positive outlook maintained by my elder brother motivates me to excel in all my tasks, however tough they seem to be.

At work, he maintains a very professional outlook and outperforms in his projects with least intervention from his senior colleagues.

Consistent performance at his work place has brought him many laurels and appreciation from senior team members of his project.

Personally, I have known my elder brother as a source of motivation to all my cousins since he always holds a very positive attitude towards life.

He encourages his younger counterparts to excel in the field they are passionate about and disbelieves in traditional thought systems.

An open minded person that he is, he always looks for ways to improve himself, both on the personal front and professionally too.

One Person, Many Roles

A big source of positive inspiration to our whole family, my brother binds all family members together with his warmth and grace.

To my grandparents, he is a wonderful combination of care, warmth and high respect, all put together in a big bundle of joy.

My parents are absolutely proud of their son, be it for his success in work or the understanding he shares with all family members.

They uphold the fact that they have been blessed with the most wonderful son, one could ever ask for.

As a younger sister to my brother, I always grew up in his guidance, for matters on career choices to taking the right decisions in life.

No matter how big my brother would become, he is always the strong pillar of support and wonderful being for my parents.

Qualities I Admire in Him

My Elder BrotherRight from our school days, I always admired my brother for his completeness in work.

Completing everyday tasks on the same day and not postponing them for the next day makes life easier for him.

He gives attention to detail and is a keen observer too.

Cleanliness is his top priority and be it his workplace or his personal space, they always look tidy and in order.

Organizing his tasks and completing them in order leaves little room for error.

His personal qualities include, being down to earth and humble and showing respect and compassion for other fellow beings around him.

My brother admires good qualities in others and focuses on the positive side of a person.

My Brother’s Areas of Interest

My brother excelled in studies right from his school days and was equally competitive in extracurricular activities as well.

Balancing his love for volley ball and managing his studies with equal importance gave him opportunities to learn multi-tasking at a very young age.

Photography is another hobby he pursued till he graduated from college and the many photographs that he captured in those days are still with him as pieces of beautiful memories.

Being a voracious reader of non-fiction books, he spent most of his time reading when he was not occupied with any other activity.

Travelling with family and friends to new places every year gave him enough opportunity to learn something unique about every land he visited.

A Small Piece of Advice Too!

My elder brother is no doubt a versatile person and handles all his roles and responsibilities with utmost respect and dignity. But every person has short comings and so does my brother too.

A workaholic that my brother is, I would advise my brother to get engaged in other activities during the weekends that would enable him to refresh and re-energize his mind again.

Spending more time with family members would further strengthen the roots from within and provide a supportive framework in one’s life.

Prioritizing health and taking a day off from the usual routine will help rejuvenate our own self and provide a more holistic view towards life.

Placing things in a Nutshell

Every girl has a dream to have an elder brother who will never stop guiding her correctly and advising her through the path she takes.

Learning from the many wonderful qualities that you possess, it has always been an advantage in many ways to me.

Drawing inspiration from your work ethics and strong will power motivates people around you and creates positive influences on them.

Showing compassion towards pets and treating them with care and love brings about the softer qualities in you.

Your passion for instrumental music and the great love for books are highly adorable and help accomplish greater heights in life.

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