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11th of May, 2017 was the final date chosen by the group of our teachers to mark the commencement of our tour or rather the educational tour. To be honest, I was both thrilled and perplexed about the same because of the fact that it was a tour but an educational tour.

I recalled from my past experiences and thus concluded that this might as well be the same boring one as I’ve concluded about the rest.

I know I got to learn and know a lot about various historical monuments and the story behind the gigantic masterpieces but my idea of a tour or vacation is slightly different.

Ours was a group of 10 students, selected especially by the teachers and were then shared with the information and schedule of the trip. It was supposed to be a 13-day long trip where we planned on visiting- New Delhi, Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park.

It was the last year of my school life and I was mostly very much excited for the trip. Coincidentally, the group comprised of 4 of my closest friends, which officially helped me to cut down on my worries.

Time passed by way too quickly and the final day was here. All of us were bidding goodbyes to our very own families and took a fiery head start in the train. In a day’s time after various sessions of the many games and talks, we finally reached New Delhi.

Our teachers escorted us to the bus that they had booked for us and our very first destination was a Gurudwara. After the religious quest, every one of us was quite refreshed as we got to witness such a beauteous arrangement and obviously the peace of mind. Boarded on the bus, we were headed on our way to Nainital.

I was still not getting any vibes of this being an educational tour. Had it been so, we would’ve definitely visited the India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar but instead we were off to the other part of our journey.

As we reached there, it was past midnight and was extremely chilly, the weather there. We had to walk for a few miles so as to reach our hotel because the bus couldn’t go on due to the fog. Every one of us was shivering as we didn’t have our woolens out of our luggage bags yet.

As soon as we reached the hotel, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the manager, had the food and went straight up to bed. Considering the tiring night’s trip. I was in my bed where by the window I could see the many countless number of stars which we do not get to see in these cities.

The sky was beautiful, marvelous, couldn’t have been more glorifying. While I was trying to fall asleep, I couldn’t help but revive our journey way up to the hills, how beautiful the hills during the night time can be, lightened up by the reflecting light of the uncountable stars in the never-ending sky and the small streetlights. It was no doubt an unforgettable view, past all the din and weariness of the city-life.

It was an early morning for all of us as we were headed on our way to the Naini lake, for the boat ride. 7 am in the morning, a boat ride, in this serene and beautiful landscape.

What else one could have asked for? Surprisingly, none of us was busy clicking pictures or recording videos on the contrary we were busy feeling the tranquility, busy restoring the sweet sensations right up-to the sinews of our hearts.

We got to sense the familiarity of how the fog arrives and how the place gets pervaded with the sweet chills. It was something like never seen before. During the evening, once again as the sky was decorated and adorned with small rather sparkly stars, all of us were sitting on the roof-top, cladded in our blankets, with some soft classical music.

Being this close to heaven, when actually we were far, far away, but at least we got the feeling of heaven on earth, the way how the feeling actually hits the gut.

After a 3 day stay in the hill-station, we took our way out to the Jim Corbett National Park. We arrived our Ramnagar resort, a view to look at. What a serene sight it was! The 4 day trip was covered by trekking, a safari ride, pool party for another day and last day was the one when we were supposed to take our leave.

It wasn’t the same cold as was in Nainital but the one thing that was common was the beautiful landscape we got to witness everywhere and the shuffled alignment of the luminous stars in the sky. About the food there, what I loved the most was that they served a whole lot of variety of fruits for breakfast.

All of us were anyway exhausted and done with eating North Indian food since the past few days, this was hence a relief to the monotonous food that we were having. The jungle safari was a ride to remember. Initially I took forests to be dreary, dangerous and dark but this safari ride completely changed my perception about the woods.

Elated my mind with the understanding that how forests can be a wondrous sight, one could ever perceive. How beautiful the animals living in their natural habits are and not while they’re caged in some zoo for our entertainment purpose.

Oh how happy they seemed to be, away from the worries of the human-kind! How trekking can be more than cuts and bruises and can actually prove to be a real fun experience.

Another day, another experience and finally another night to sleep. This time while my gaze was nowhere, but lost, staring right outside my window, my mind was up, working. Working and concluding how this trip is actually an educational one.

How the teachers chose the ‘special’ 10 of us and how they wanted us to enjoy the beauties of nature. How the company of nature offered a soothing touch to our vacant and pensive moods. How the barren and fatigued moments was filled with rather joyous and pleasant emotions causing a thrilling gladness to the senses.

It was then when I realized how there is so much to learn about the nature first, before learning about the various hand-made, man-made monuments. Such a beautiful, interesting and peace-giving Nature as a subject can be.  Man is selfish, Nature isn’t.

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