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Good morning respected principal and teachers and all my fellow mates. Today we have gathered here and I am going to present my speech on the topic education I hope for your cooperation and beg for your pardon for any mistake that I make while presenting my speech.

The topic I am speaking on is of utmost relevant in today’s world of globalization and modernization. Education is one of the foremost tools to carve a brighter future and the progressive tomorrow for the better of mankind and its development as a whole. 

A local proverb is that – give a man food and he survives for a day but give him education, that makes his life. History is replete with examples that education has transformed lives. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was born in a fisherman family.

His father was a fisherman and did not have any formal education. His mother to was completely illiterate. Although because of their foresight they supported Dr. Abdul Kalam education event to the extent that they had to sell bangles in order to supplement his engineering fees.

If he would have not been able to complete his education he would have continued his family work of fishing in the southern village of India. Instead he changed the course of destiny and accomplished herculean task giving India a name in the world Horizons and a trajectory to success. 

Thomas Alva Edison is another great example of one of the many luminaries who had achieved great things in life only because it was his part of education which was at an early age virtually denied to him.

His own efforts to educate himself studying under street lights salvaging old textbooks made him one of the greatest scientific personality to ever exist and change the path of human civilization forever. 

India even after 70 years of its independence has been able to achieve only 74% of literacy rate which is quite demoralizing in itself. It is a matter of shame that our country in spite of all the necessary things. This is because of various factors including geographical penetration and its problems which are quite out of our control however an honest attempt is always better than a failed hope.

The government has formulated several policies for educational inclusion within the country. One of the foremost of them is the national policy of education which provides for the midday meals which island incentive to the rural kids to continue school education.

In most villages the people withdraw their children from school at an early age so that they can earn themselves and the house gets another earner. Other programs such as the District Primary Education program, the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or right to education, the national programme for education of girls at elementary level etc. are a few to name. 

In 2017 the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Abba leadership has formulated the school Chalo Abhiyan in which those kids home the national Educational policy has not been able to cover will be included in it. India also has free primary education up to 5th standard. 

Another flagship programmes of the government of West Bengal in India is to promote the education of girl child by providing monetary when the girl child on the attainment of marriageable age only if she is let to complete Formal School Education.

This is a Revolutionary strategy adopted by the table cabinet of the Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee which has caused a tremendous amount of educational inclusion in the backward districts and rural areas of the state.

This program is a legendary one in itself and all other states are following suit formulating similar incentive based educational policies. 

The Beti Bachao Beti padhao is a flagship programme of the Government of India’s ministry of human resource and development to raise awareness among the backward start of the society to educate the girl child and not let them waste their lives making soup in the kitchen when their brains could be utilized in running the lifeblood of the nation. 

Education is like a fine wine which only get better as it is let to prosper in itself. The most unique thing about education and knowledge is that it is inclusive in nature and has a characteristic of inter personal multiplicity.  knowledge only increases as we share it.

We must make the people around us aware of the advantages of education and then only can any good come about for the country. In the future earning a living is going to be difficult thanks to the increasing competition.

In this scenario it is only a man’s education and skill that distinguishes him from the lot and then only can he get a job and a reasonable income to support himself as well as his family. 

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