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Education is the process of learning, acquiring knowledge and skills. It is tool which is necessary for us to succeed.

The knowledge that is acquired through education helps open doors for lots of opportunities. It helps us to deal with problems. Education is the right of human being.

Without learning nothing is possible. Education helps us to get a goal in our life.

Why education is important? What are the benefits ? What will happen without education?


  • It improves knowledge.

  • Helps to build personality.

  • Improves skill.

  • Improves confidence level

  • Empowers intellectual power.

  • Helps to go through anything.

  • Helps to understand about world, atmosphere, biological things, history and many important aspects of our life.

  • Helps to set a goal of life.

  • To become a beauty pageant also it is required to have knowledge of everything.

  • It brings maturity and teaches us to live.

  • It is the way of social development, economic growth and technological development.

Categories of Education are

1. Early childhood : It is the education given to children during preschool such as nursery school.

2. Primary learning: It is typically compulsory knowledge. It is first stage education. It is usually takes place in primary school.

3. Secondary e: It is the second and final phase of basic education. During this phase students learn basics which will help them to go through tertiary education.

4. Higher secondary or tertiary knowledge : It is referred to third stage or third level of education. It follows the competition of a school providing a secondary education Higher education such as undergraduate and postgraduate education.

It helps persons to nourish their present and future.

Nowadays quality and importance is increasing. Every child must go to school. Everyone has equal rights to take education. The development of any country is based on the education system of country.

The learning system varies from area to area. And according to the education system society varies. For brightness of society it is necessary to gain knowledge.

Education awareness programs

It looks at the disability as part of human experience, and encourages those who may learn. The program supports the individuals who have disabilities. This program aims to reach school children and helps them to resolve problems.

Teacher who teaches the best serves the best. Without proper qualified teacher knowledge cannot be achieved.

In India we are lacking behind because students are not getting proper knowledge . In our society there are schools who don’t improve the quality of education but they are concerned about what should be the school dress and extracurricular activity.

In spite of looking towards the education they give priority to extracurricular activity. But literacy is the most important fact. On the name of education many schools do fraud to students. Government has taken many steps to take care of fraud.

Government has also taken many steps so that no children will remain illiterate.

People who are living in backward area are not getting proper education because of their work and poverty. However government has planned some new strategies to resolve the problems in such areas.

Challenges in school Education

  1. Raising the status of teaching

Very first challenge is to raise the status of teaching. Without proper teaching students can’t understand things better. To attract more people it is important that teaching should be professional not time pass.

  1. Reducing disparities between poor and rich

It is everyone’s right to gain knowledge. Poor people can’t afford education but it doesn’t mean they they can’t get proper knowledge. Government has introduced schemes for poor children to get proper knowledge.

  1. Identifying and meeting the needs of children

Sometimes children don’t get the proper tools for reading like they have labs but no one to teach about the subject.

Students get theoretical knowledge but lack in practical. So it is very important to meet the needs of children.

Without knowledge life seems to be very tough. It is involved in our daily life and routine.

We should encourage the education. In backward area also we should let people know about the benefits of education. Also disabled people can acquire the knowledge.

Some people are completely uneducated they are not able to understand things. So for them life somehow becomes very complicated. Because in this developing environment people should at least know how to read and write.

To earn money skills are required. Many poor people are illiterate and don’t get proper knowledge, also they are unable to educate their children.

Country cannot grow without individual’s development. So development of country hugely depends on literacy rate. A good education goal is to provide suitable learning in citizens and make them understand things.

For development literacy is must. Think of a society full of illiteracy, and then there will be no inventor, philosopher or scientist. To get a better world we need to get educated.

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