Educating Yourself about Student Loans: Things to Understand

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According to, 29.1 million students, under 39 years, have student loans. 71% of the Americans are under the immense pressure of student loans after they have graduated from college, and they have the idea that paying these loans is not an easy task. The standard plan of clearing the loans is set in such a manner that the students have the option of clearing them within 10 years of graduating. Unfortunately, all the students are not capable of reaching that particular goal. Few students take around 20 years or even longer in order to clear the loans. This means that the debt amount is going to hang over the heads for a really long time.

Given below is a list of the things that you should know about student loans.

You will be able to get relief from the loan

It has been observed that most of the times the loans tend to stack up much more than what had been intended when the student was in school. Maybe the student needed to take more loans for covering the entire expense of the school. There can also be a chance that the student has ended up taking extra two years for graduating. This is what is going to be a burden for the students when they have finished their graduation. However, there is a piece of good news, which you should know about. There are numerous relief options, which are available.

If student loans are federally driven, you can make use of the repayment programs, which will get the loan repayment at specific percentages of the monthly income, which depends on the discretionary income as well as the financial needs that you have. If you work with the private lenders, you can contact them for experiencing the relief in the efforts of repayment. However, you need to keep in mind that if you are taking a lot of time to clear the payment, chances are that the interest rate is also going to increase. Therefore, clearing the payments as fast as possible is mandatory.

Refinancing the loans

If you have good credit as well as an excellent financial standing that has been built after you have completed your graduation, there is good news that you need to know. You are going to get to refinance the student loans. In numerous cases, this can be responsible for lowering the rates of interest and hence, you will have the option of making payments easily. A federal loan can be financed as well into the primary loans for making the payments easier. However, if you are making use of the income-based plan for repaying your student loan or you have deferred the loans temporarily, refinancing the loans is not going to be an option for you.

Understand the grace period

Taking students loans is undoubtedly one of the best ways for paying for your college. This is because college is extremely expensive and most of the students are not capable of generating enough income when they are studying. Unfortunately, the student loans have to be cleared within a certain time period. Most of the students’ lenders know that it is not possible for the students to clear the loans right after they have graduated. This is why the lenders offer a grace period before the students start clearing their loans. For the federal loans, the grace period is of 6 months after the student has completed graduation.

The private loans are known to have different terms. It is also important to understand that as soon as this grace period on the loan ends, the initial payment has to be made. During the grace period, the students have the permission to make certain amounts of payments on the student loans. This is going to help in reducing the interest rate, which you will have to pay on the loans later on. To know more, you can visit the reputed website of

Forbearance is capable of offering financial relief

If you are paying the student loans constantly for years, it is obvious that you are trying to reduce your debt amount. However, if any financial hardship interferes with this payment, things are going to become a little difficult. For instance, medical bills can pile up or a student can lose his job all of a sudden. During this period, it is going to become impossible to continue making the payments on the student loans.

The interest rate is going to keep accruing and also, most of the companies are known to provide forbearance only for a short time. You need to understand that if you are purchasing your car or taking a mortgage out, it is not going to be considered a financial hardship in most of the cases.  

Your debt will not disappear

It is true that there are going to be certain instances, during which you can opt for the forgiveness of your student loan. However, these circumstances are rare. When you are taking out the student loans, they are going to remain intact. In fact, if you encounter a senior, who has graduated long back, you will find him still paying the loan. You need to understand that your loan will not disappear. Even if a particular student is unable to complete his graduation, he has to repay the loan.

Serious consequences are associated with not completing the payments

If there has been a time when you do not have the fund for repaying your student loan, there can be serious consequences. These consequences can include the negative mark on the credit report. Defaulting on the loans as well as continuing to skip the payments can also result in wage garnishment, collection calls, and most importantly, you are going to lose the ability to receive federal aid in the future. There are various other consequences that you might have to face as well.


Before you are opting for a student loan, you need to understand everything that is associated with the loans. Ensure that you consider all the things that have been mentioned above so that you get a clear understanding of the various aspects of student loans.

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