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The phrase, ‘Each one teach one’ is one of the most renowned phrases and carries a lot of importance in the overall development of a society. The phrase is a kind of social message which has its origin in United States during the period of Apartheid when the Africans decided to learn and educate themselves one by one.

However, the phrase has got a lot of universal value as it promotes dissemination of education and knowledge wherein the one who procures knowledge is supposed to pass it on others so that more and more people are brought out from the shackles of ignorance and are enlightened.

Knowledge is one such entity which makes us humans. Human beings are considered to be the superior species as they have the capacity to think and apply their cognition to each and every aspect of the life.

The quest to know has a lot of significance as it leads to one’s own betterment and of the society as a whole. Knowledge is always a two way process and a process wherein deliverance of it is really essential.

It is only with the ability to read and write that one can explore the vast expanse of all kinds of knowledge which this universe offers to be decoded by its inhabitants. Education is the method to be able to procure knowledge.

It is only through the deliverance of knowledge that civilizations thrive and improve with the passing of each and every era. Rene Descartes said, ‘I think, therefore I am’ which is the basis of human existence. The ability to think, ponder and then act is what initiates the process of gaining knowledge.

Thus, an eternal chain is formed wherein knowledge gets passed on across generations. Each one teach one is an initiative to propagate the message that knowledge should not be limited to certain section. Rather, it should always be approached with the motive of sharing it to maximum people possible.

The ability to think is endowed to each and every being. However, it needs a direction and a proper channelization in order to get implemented in the best possible manner.

The direction lies in having a humanitarian approach which aims in considering each and every person to have the right to education. Education and knowledge are interrelated and are highly essential for the overall development from the various perspectives of mental, social and a psychological approach towards life.

If education isn’t available then the world would be have been a chaotic place. Order, strategy and peace are brought in when people are well informed about everything. That is why, it is very essential for every person who gets the chance to study, to learn and to think in a channelized manner to let the knowledge flow and spread itself.

If each one of us is not fulfilling the responsibility of sharing our part of information then the effect would result in an imbalanced society wherein there will be only takers. Knowledge is beyond the limited vision of being at the superior position and dominating the ignorant ones.

In fact, the aim of education and teaching is to socially uplift each and every member of a community, society and nation. It is the sole means to eradicate ignorance because ignorance leads to poverty which destructs the social plight of the respective society.

One thing to keep in mind is that any kind of change or a revolution for the good can only be brought when each and every person knows about the different approach in order to combat with the concerned problem. The famous phrase, ‘Unity is Diversity’ is highly essential to understand the importance of diversity.

One person cannot contribute in the welfare of a community and neither can one exist in isolation. There has to be collective co-existence. And in order to have a collective consciousness, it is very important for the people to have an access to education.

The Right to Education is considered to be a human right. When it comes to the term ‘human right’, it is quite understandable that it is the basic right for the overall survival of the humans. It is no more a right given to the privileged section of the society.

When it comes to education and teaching, it acts as an equalizer and considers everyone to be equal. Teaching is a process wherein the concerned member is both a student and a teacher. Learning and delivering are simultaneous processes. Each one teach one stands for the regulation of this particular phenomenon.

An example of this phrase not just on the theoretical level but on the practical level is that of Teach for India campaign. This campaign undertakes the responsibility of educating rural children which is on the shoulders of India’s informed people.

Such people are involved in this campaign as teachers who understand the value of knowledge and education at the preliminary and school level. All the  children under teach for India campaign are taught in the best possible manner and this is specially for the children whose families are financially weak and whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

Financial constraint is no more a hindrance on the path of attaining knowledge and the ability to think out of box in order to bring out the necessary and desired changes in the society.

Ignorance curtails one’s potential to thrive. By teaching every mind to nourish itself is not just an initiative on the individual level, but also is an investment which yields great results in the form of the contribution that the young minds tend to make with their enlightened thoughts and ideas.

Each one teach one is an initiative which is not just beneficial at the immediate stance but has future attached to it. The major reason behind it is that ‘change is the only constant’. In order to face the changes and drift them towards the benefit of an entire community, one has to have great ideas and a methodology to implement them.

This can only be done when each and every member decides to help each other in learning, thriving and fulfilling together on a collective basis. Attainment of knowledge should never be self centered. It should always have a magnanimous approach. Only then, the motive behind dissemination of knowledge can be fulfilled. Knowledge is all for one and one for all.

Next time, if you think about helping someone, the best way is to educate, enlighten and make her/him aware of what goes on in the world and how one should conduct oneself productively.

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