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Drug is a medicine which has effects like physiological when ingested into our body. Drug is also called as medicine which is used to treat or cure people from disorder but excess use of drugs can cause side effects.

Traditionally from medical plants drugs was composed. People sometimes use drugs for cure of chronic disease. There are different types of drugs that affect different body parts.

Types of drugs

  • Hallucinogen: It alters what we hear and see.  Example: cannabis and LSD.
  • Painkiller: It blocks the nerve impulses so that we don’t feel any pain. Example: Aspirin and heroin.
  • Performance enhancer: It improves the development of muscles. Example: Anabolic and steroids.
  • Stimulant: It increases the activity of brain. Example: Caffeine and ecstasy.

Drug abuse

It is called as chemical abuse it is characterized by destructive pattern of sing substances which leads in problems like stress.

Nowadays it became a trend between teens to use substances that can cause them to suffer. Drugs addict cannot suddenly stop using them because they can suffer from severe pain and uncontrollable convulsions paroxysm.

They can suffer from depression. To overcome the addiction of drug people should change the schedule of their lives.

Commonly abused drugs are

  • Amphetamines: It comes in various variety and forms, overdose of this drug can result in death and seizure.
  • Anabolic steroids: Most of the bodybuilders abuse these drugs. These drugs can result in physiological disorder such as aggression, organ failure and infertility.
  • Caffeine: Coffee, tea and soda drinks contain caffeine. Daily any how everybody consumes caffeine in their daily routine. But when consumed in excess this substance can produce palpitations that is rapid irregularity in heartbeat, insomnia like sleeplessness, tremors like involuntary vibration in body, anxiety like nervousness and panic attacks. So consumption of excess of caffeine can result in very big disease.
  • Cocaine: People take cocaine in the form of injection and smoke. It stimulates the nervous system and can damage our brain.
  • Nicotine: This substance is found in cigarettes and tobacco. Most of the people have habit of consuming cigarettes. It is addictive ass heroin. It can damage lungs and also can cause lung cancer. Smoke not only affects the person who is consuming it but also affects the surroundings.
  • Phencyclidine: It is used in body building. This drug can make someone feel powerful. Side effects of this drug are it can make user aggressive and have unusual amount of physical strength.

Drugs can have many side effects when taken in excess and can be dangerous like mental health problems. There is no single cause for drug abuse and addiction.

There are many physiological and biological factors that can risk person’s likelihood to consume drugs in excess. Drugs can affect sexual activities of people.

Use of drugs can cause unsafe sexual relationship that places adolescent at risk and cause HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease.

Drug Abuse in India

Consumption of drugs can cause difficulties at home and society. According to physiology drug addiction can cause mood swing and disorders like depression, anxiety and can cause personality disorders.

Mostly drug addicts are males in the age of between 18 to 44 years. Most of the men consume alcohol and they diagnosed with drug abuse.

Side effects of drugs are

  • Excess consumption of drugs can cause obligation at work, school or home.
  • Excess of drugs can be dangerous.
  • There can be legal problems if someone uses excess of drugs. Government has issued many laws against consumption of drugs.
  • Continuous use of drugs can affect someone’s family and relationship.
  • Some side effects are minor and some are serious.
  • It can cause allergic reactions.
  • Sometimes internal bleeding can happen and blood clot can happen.
  • It can cause stress and disorders.

It is necessary for people to check the symptoms of consumption of drugs. The user should stop continuing drugs despite being aware of the side effects of consumption of drugs. The primary goals of drug abuse are treatment and cure.

During the initial stage of drugs addiction it feels good but in excess consumption of drugs it can cause various side effects.

To treat drug consumer it is necessary to give them proper medication monitoring. Drug dealers must be avoided. It is necessary to catch drug traffickers.

How to prevent yourself from drug abuse

Drug Abuse essay

It is impossible to prevent everyone from drug abuse. But in the starting phase we can avoid using drugs.

  • Deal with peer pressure: The first time ever any teen starts using drugs is when their friends pressurize them. So if someone is doing like that then it’s time to make new friends and change your company. Find those friends who will not pressurize you to do harmful things otherwise start saying no directly or indirectly.
  • Deal with life pressure: In today’s generations when people feel they are overworking then they feel like to take long break. But in the end it causes stress to them and they get addicted. To prevent yourself from this you need to find other ways to handle your stress. Start doing exercise and reading books.
  • Seek help for mental illness: Sometimes people those have mental illness turns into drug addicts as a way to get rid of pain. Those people who are suffering from mental illness need to take help of trained professionals.
  • Keep a well-balanced life: When people feel unhappy, and something in their life is not going good that time they starts using drugs. So stay happy and keep a balanced life.

It is said that prevention is better than cure so prevent yourself before getting drug addict.

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