Speech on Drug Abuse and its Prevention

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Good morning to all the dignitaries present for the talk. Today we are going to talk about a very important and burning issue of our country- drug abuse.

I extend my warm welcome to our honorable chief guest, our beloved principal, teaching staff and my dear friends. Let us first try to know what drug abuse is all about.

The over dependence/ illegal dependence on a particular type of drug causing overdose in the individual, often leading to complicated health conditions is termed as drug abuse.

Generally a person becomes so used to a particular type of drug that he shows absolutely no signs of living without the drug intake.

It becomes a mandatory practise in him to consume the drug at regular time intervals and becomes habitual with the passage of time.

If we go ahead and explore the possible reasons for drug abuse, we would be surprised to know the causes. If parents resort to quarreling or fighting in front of their kids, children may not be in a position to understand the bigger picture or underlying reasons of their parents quarrel.

If this quarreling is done too frequently at home, then the child upon observation develops a certain pattern in his mind. As he grows up, he might show signs of strange behaviors which may not be accepted by the society.

This translates into a serious nervous breakdown or complications with the nervous system for the child, who has now become an adult. So, he may want to escape from the society.

This is one of the main reasons why children with personal issues develop a liking for illegal drug consumption. The next reason why drug abuse occurs at all is quite obvious.

If children have friends’ circles in college or groups that support the intake of drugs, then he too may want to join them and try out new things. As this becomes a regular process, the child becomes a habitual drug offender.

Dependency or addiction on drugs to lead one’s life is a sign of serious complications, both in one’s private life and professional life.

The person life of an individual may be a tumultuous one, he may not be happy with his parents’ behavior, he may be an outsider among his friends’ circles, and he may shy away from social gatherings.

In professional life, he may not have achieved success according to his expectations.

He may be lagging behind compared to his peers, leading to jealousy and improper behavior. Specific behavioral patterns are observed in people linked with drug addictions.  

Drug abuse often causes a person to be fully dependent on a particular type of chemical substance to keep him alive and active. He may be addicted to drugs of different compositions, banned drugs, cigarettes, harmful inhalants and even alcohol.

So what happens is, whenever a person starts feeling lonely or isolated, he resorts to these drugs to help him move away from the situation for some time.

It creates such a situation for him that his mind gets diverted from his problems or loneliness for sometime due to the intake of the illegal drug.

Instead he reaches a stage of trans, wherein his mind does not let him see the reality, instead allows him to enjoy in the company of drugs.  

Drug abuse over long periods of time can lead to serious complications in the nervous system of a person. A person may develop seizures, can get into depression, can throw tantrums unnecessarily, and show complicated behavioral issues and so on.

Inability to accept the truth leads one to great heights of depression and if the overdose of the drug is too high, then he may be affected severely for a lifetime.  

After knowing the repercussions, let us now talk about preventive measures to be taken for drug abuse. Here are some points we can throw light on.  

  • Parent guidance  
  • Staying away from groups that support drug abuse and drug addiction. 
  • Spreading awareness about the ill effects of drug abuse. 
  • Counseling. 
  • Scientific treatments at rehabilitation centers.  

 Let us talk about each of them in depth. Parents and parental guidance form the basis of prevention of many problems that children face in their teenage years.

Parents must put their focus on children. In current scenarios, we may find both parents working at home and the child left at day care centers or under a nanny to be taken care of.

Career minded parents often forget caring well for their children. Money may not be the requirement for the kid; all it expects is parent’s love and care towards it.

When that does not happen, the child may feel neglected. So, the first point of approach should be a good communication set up with the parents, wherein parents and children exchange talks about their daily activities, their likes, dislikes, etc.  

Parents should also make sure that at colleges, their children should form groups with friends that enable them in their learning, both as a person as well as in their studies.

Taking to other desires like drug addiction, alcohol, etc should be checked upon. Parents must keep a watchful eye on their wards and hold regular talks with their teachers in case of any suspicion.  

It is always good to spread the word through social media, newspapers and magazines about the ill effects of drug abuse. People will easily get attracted to pleasant advertisements and promotional ads.  

Scientific treatments are available to reverse the effects of drug abuse in an individual; but before that a person who is a drug addict could be sent to counseling, followed by a good rehabilitation centre to help him leave his world of drugs and put his best efforts to lead a life normally like the others.  

There are many centers that are opened to cater to the reversal of effects caused by drug addiction and abuse. Any person who is affected should be first counseled to try to collect points to know the cause of his behavior.

Measures can then be sought to help him overcome his problem and stop him from getting into further acts of drug abuse.  

Thank you for your patience in listening to the talk on drug abuse. I hope the lecture was useful to one and all present here. In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  

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