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Good Morning Teachers and my dear friends, my topic is on “My Dream Vacation”

Dream vacation is when you go to a place you have dreamt about. A place about which you have many ideas. A place about which you have many thoughts in mind.

I personally have been on such a trip recently. My dream destination was Goa. And I had a chance to spend my dream vacation there.

My first interest about this place arose seeing the documentaries on discovery channel. They showcased beautiful blue sea waters and golden beaches where foreigners came to get their skin tanned. Such a pretty sight they put forward.

My chance came when my dad got leave from his office and wanted to visit some place for a change. He immediately agreed when I suggested Goa. So, our family set off for Goa.

On reaching there I didn’t know that so many surprises were waiting there for me. We took a cab to reach our hotel but on the way, I came across different housings and small cottages.

And believe me or not all the cottages were so pretty and beautiful. All of them were brightly colored in various shades. One thing that all the houses had in common was that, all of them that pitched roof.

And maximum of them had a frontal courtyard with a beautifully decorated garden.

All the people in Goa are very frank and open minded. They don’t judge people according to religion or customs or their get up.
We were welcomed into our inn. It was a small cozy little place. In morning we went to take a bath in the nearest beach that is the Bernaulim beach. The coast was strictly guarded by life guards.

Seashore In Goa you get to hire bikes, cycles, cars, scooty for a day. My brother hired a bike for himself and I hired a cycle. We roamed around in different beaches on that.

It was fun riding the bikes as the roads were clean and even and it was right beside the sea.

So, one could clearly see the shinning golden sands and blue water and the horizon while riding, this is like taking fun of both the scenes at the same time.

Goa is divided into two parts North Goa which is the Old Goa and South Goa which is the New Goa.

Old Goa is the place where the Portuguese first settled. They have old houses, sculptures and churches built. It has a touch of Portuguese architecture. We visited many places in Goa.

We visited the famous Dona Paula viewpoint which is famous as a suicide point. We also visited the famous Vasco da Gama station which was designed by Charles Chorrea. It was one of his earliest works. We then visited the basilica of Bom Jesus. It is a world heritage site.

It contains the body remains of St. Francis… His body got self-preserved after he died. His body is kept in a glass coffin high up on an alter for visitors to see and pray. Strict discipline and silence is maintained in the church premises.

There were small shops selling knick-knacks along the side of the roads. We bought necklaces, bangles, fancy candles and showpieces which are typical of Goa for the Goa.

There is this famous Dudhsagar Falls. It is a famous waterfall. Dinner was what I relished the most. Goa offers a wide range of authentic sea food collection. From prawns to squids, from oysters to sharks they have it all.

I dipped my tongue into a tasty bowl of oyster’s sauce soup, while my dad went about the business of munching a squid garnished a pan-fried with chilly, lemon and other herbs. Sea food is something you can never afford to miss in Goa.

The night brought in another aspect of the beaches. All the roadside restaurants, cafe and tea bars opened.

The places got filled with foreigners who danced, drank an ate in their own gala mood. Some cafes offered live performances by artists which the people could enjoy will having their food.

Other cafe’s offered sing along or karaoke type performances where the customers can come up an entertain others. The whole environment becomes a place for joy and merriment. The cafes by the sea offered candle light dinner. But to be honest Goa is a costly place. Food is costly in Goa.

The sea had another face at night. The blue rippling waters turns black at night. It is wonderful to walk in the beach at night with the cool breezes hitting your face and skin thus creating a calm atmosphere.
Security is good in Goa. People stay out till late.

The cafe’s and restaurants stay open almost all night. The crowds gather around the beaches and there is no sign of criminal activity. There are a lot of liquor shops as well. Liquor is cheap in Goa. The vehicle hiring shops stay open all night.

Due to excessive population pressure the clear waters are slowly becoming dirty day by day. Water is getting infested with jelly fishes which are threat to humans and small children bathing in the water. Humans are throwing plastics into the water which are a threat of marine animals.

Not only this the garbage is collected at the beaches thus making the beaches dirtier. Serious steps should be taken up by all of us right now otherwise Goa will not be an enjoyable place anymore. It will lose its recognition as a tourist destination.

My stay in Goa was enjoyable. Truly it was a dream vacation. I was sad when our trip in Goa was on an end and it was time for us to go home.

I would like to visit this place repeatedly. It was a dream come true for me. But although the trip is over the memories will stay forever and a day.

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