Speech on Don’t Give in to Peer Pressure

November 4, 2017 0 Comment

A very good morning to everyone present here today. The topic of my speech is that we should not give in to peer pressure. Unfortunately, a large majority of the crimes that we see today are due to peer pressure from people who are powerful or whom we think are powerful and influential.

Let me first explain to you all what peer pressure means. The way I see it is that when one person or group decides to pressurized another person or group into doing something they don’t want to do is called peer pressure.

Most of the time the people who peer pressure other people in doing something they don’t want to do make fun of the other people for not doing something they don’t want to do. Yes, that is stupid. The things that are Peer pressured might be bad stuff like drugs, alcohol and various other kinds of vices.

I think it will be better if I explain what it is and that through an example from my own life. It was quite a long time back then I was still young and me and my friends were together in the backyard. I was extremely shocked when one of my friends pulled out a bottle of liquor from his school bag.

I was completely taken aback however out of the three of us the other friend was not at all shock and was actually excited to have the alcohol. They made fun of me and wanted me to consume it. First of all, not only is it extremely dangerous to health but we were also underage.

Legally we had no right to have a bottle of alcohol around us. All of them made fun of me and considered me a coward for not doing something that I did not want to do which is absolutely baseless and meaningless. I did feel bad at that time and I was being pressurized. However later when I think of it I feel extremely proud of myself for making the right choice and not give in to the call of the devil.

In today’s day the problem of peer pressure is most relevant because the parents as well as the teachers are not being able to dedicate enough time to look after the children and what they are doing throughout the day. Peer pressure, although is irrespective of the age, is however mostly relevant and prevalent among teenagers.

That is the most tender and impressionable is when people end up doing things they might not be proud of 10 years after. Many people given to peer pressure and commit activities which ruin their entire lives and they keep on repenting it and regretting it.

Instances are not uncommon when little high school kids forced their friends into committing crimes like murders, robberies and many more. Substance abuse is another big problem of peer pressure.

The teenagers given to the high of various mind-altering chemicals and drugs like cocaine and cannabinoids like marijuana and ruin their steady lives and turn into addict’s overtime.

Free domain life is one of the most important things in order to progress and develop oneself. Whenever this freedom is threatened, bad things happen. Peer pressure is a tremendous threat to personal liberty and freedom of an individual.

The sense of being unique and away from the group makes us fear about the consequences of what might occur if we are alone and without anyone else. We are afraid to tread the path not taken and this is the reason why most people give in to peer pressure.

We must handle peer pressure extremely carefully and students and children must be made aware of it and the ways that it should be handled. When we disagree with someone, our first duty is to clearly state our wishes and move away from them.

We should not get over enthusiastic and get physical with them and start beating them up but we should definitely bring into notice their unscrupulous activities in the eyes of the authorities like parent’s teachers and the school as soon as possible. This will not only save us but will also save them from indexing in activities which might ruin their whole lives and careers.

Peer pressure is not only a burning topic with teenagers and youth but is also an extremely unfortunate truth among mature adults too.

Many men and women in their work places involve in activities involving forgery and laundering of funds. And whenever they face any sort of resistance or a hindrance in their unlawful practice from honest co-workers, they tend to peer pressure them with threats to life and social image.

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