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At some point in time, every individual requires a companion who can live with him or her and pacify when he or she is sad. Unfortunately, in this era, beings have become more robotic with fewer emotions affecting their personality.

Most of the times, human beings search for a purpose to do everything, which makes them selfish and even vulnerable at times. So, it is an act of foolishness to search for such a desired companion in a human being.

How Dogs can replace Human Beings as Companions

It is an element of surprise that an animal, who is unable to speak our language can replace us in terms of becoming a friend. It has been proven through years that dogs can serve as more loyal and trustworthy friends than any human being.

From a research, it has been observed that dogs are loyal as animals living in a pack, which refers to that fact that they can be led by a leader and without any haste, dogs do accept human beings as their faithful leaders. From the ancient times, dogs have been the companions of human beings even in the times of hunting.

Nowadays, people tend to adopt dogs as their pets and it is magnificent how these pet dogs adapt to the lifestyle of their host families, where after a point of time, these dogs appear to be a part of the family itself from the inception of it.

Why can Dogs be the best friends?

The answer to this question cannot be given in a single line, the answer can be witnessed through experiences. Few experiences are described below in a generalized manner to depict the impact of dogs:

It is observed that couples who are unable to conceive often opt for the adoption of a dog. The process of acceptance is not easy but it is mention-worthy that dogs can adapt very quickly and do not let their hosts face any sort of difficulty.

There have been movies based on a dog’s faithfulness and affection. Even at times, humans tend to forget their dogs but dogs cannot forget that one person who made him or her laugh for even one day.

Many stories or films have depicted that dogs tend to save their master from any possible danger and if in that case, they need to put their lives in danger, they do that without any second thought.

Dogs are stubborn about both their love and sadness. Resources have revealed that, when a Navy officer died, his dog mourned over the coffin of the respective officer and refused to eat anything for several days. The reason behind refusal for food was the fact that he expected his dead master to feed him which was not possible.

It is often said that dogs can be the best caretaker for any infant child. One incident stated that a dog made its owners wake up at midnight to let them know that their newborn baby was not breathing properly in the next room.

Some people believe that dogs can harm babies because due to certain reasons they become ferocious but nowadays, families with infants tend to keep a dog because the experiences the dog delivers to any baby, it cannot be delivered by any human caretaker.

Dog is way more responsible than any individual and they are blessed with amazing qualities which are the reasons why people love them unconditionally.

Dogs have acceptance power

The element of ego is absent in dogs which makes them extremely acceptable to the actions their loved ones perform. Even if a person irritates a dog, steals his or her food and teases them, dogs do not ignore anybody. They just know how to love anyone.

Not only human beings, dogs can live in harmony with other pet animals such as cats, birds, rabbits and much more. Dogs do not seek for revenge from their loved ones unlike humans do that repeatedly in their lives.

Dogs have long-term memories

Dogs do not possess ego but they can remember the smallest act of kindness done by a human being to him or her. Dogs remember every happy moment spent with their masters and tend to repeat those moments in action also. In a nutshell, dogs know how to love unconditionally.

Dogs can be trained

This is often the concern of any family before adopting a dog but dogs can be trained very easily. After they are trained, they never fail their families with a bunch of surprises and their intelligence. They can help with activities starting from dish-washing, floor mopping up to anything they see happening around them.

Dogs are never tired

A human may be tired after a long day or work but a dog is never tired. He or she is always there to accompany their master after a long day of work to enlighten the mood and to make the master cozy. It is said that with a dog, one does not need to eat alone ever because the dog will wait until their master is ready to eat.

Dogs can be the best nurse

Dogs can be the best caretakers when such situation is created. It is observed that whenever their master is ill, they realize their inability to feed them medicines but they never fail to pat the head of their master just to make him or she feel comfortable. The extent up to which a dog can love anyone is beyond our imagination.

Dogs cannot speak but they can understand their families with due course of time. After sometimes, they become so attached to their families, it is difficult to let them go, that is the reason why families with dogs cannot travel without their dogs. Despite this, one cannot ignore the inevitable.

Dogs do not have long lives, after a particular span of years, they die. Death of dogs is a very difficult emotion to suppress as they become attached to everyone very easily for which forgetting them is not an easy act to do. But irrespective of such hardships, dogs are always the best friends of human beings in every respect without any doubt.

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