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This article is about the domestic dogs. New research has shown that the high socialism of the dog may be influenced by the same gene as humans.

Their long-term contribution to humans has attracted dogs especially for human behavior and they develop in the carbohydrate food that does not fit into other sorghum species. Dogs vary widely in shape, size, and color.

Dogs carry many roles for hunting, livestock, pulling, trapping, policing and armed forces, companionship and recent, disabled people and therapeutic roles. This effect on human society has given them as man’s best friend.

The term domestic dog is usually used for a pet. The term is probably derived from the Proto-Germanic Duson, which is referred to in the ancient English finger-ducky (finger-muscle). In 14th-century England, Hound is a common term for all domestic dogs, and the dog refers to a type of hound, including the mastiff.

It is believed that the type of dog is very common, eventually becoming the model of the category hounded. By the 16th century, the dog became the general term, and only refers to the types of hound hunting. The modern English word whelp is an alternative term for puppies.


The term dog is usually applied to any adult male members of both species.

The origin of the domestic dog is not clear. A domestic dog is a part of cows like a wolf and is extensively carnivorous. The dog’s closest lifestyle is no evidence of gray wolf and other dogs that contribute to its genetic inheritance. Dog and soft gray wolf have two sister claws, not associated with wolves who are closely related to modern wolves.

The earliest undivided dogs, buried next to humans 14,700 years ago, has an archaeological record with the controversial remnants of 36,000 years ago. These dates have emerged as the early dogs, apart from human hunter-gatherers and farmers. The dog is the first pet.


Domestic dogs have been selected for thousands of different behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical characteristics. Modern dog breeds are more varied in size, appearance and behavior than other domestic animals.

Dogs support both carcasses and scavengers and many other predatory mammals that support the dog’s powerful muscles, fractal wrist bones, cardiovascular system, runs and endurance, and teeth and tearing teeth. Dogs are very different in height and weight.


The vision of the dog, the hearing, the sense of smell, the sense of taste, the touch and the sensitivity of the earth’s magnetic field. In another study, dogs suggested that the Earth’s magnetic field could be seen.

The dog’s hearing frequency range is between 16-40 Hz (compared to 20-70 Hz in humans) and 45-60 kHz dogs can be detected, (beyond 13-20 kHz in humans).

Dogs have ear sensibility that allows them to rapidly pinpoint the exact location of a sound. Eighteen or more muscles, bending, rotate, increase, or lower a dog’s ear. A dog can hear the location of a sound much faster than a human, hear sounds four times away as well.

Dogs have more than 40 times more odor sensitive receptors about 125 million blood bounds such as dog breeds, ranging from approximately 300 million to humans. The smell is more sensitive to the smell of more than 40 times

Dogs have around 1700 taste buds compared to humans with around 9,000. The sweet taste buds in dogs respond to the furaneol that is a chemical found in many fruits and tomatoes.

It looks like the dogs do like this taste and it probably appears that dogs in a natural environment have often evolved their path to small animals with whatever fruits are available. Because bitter taste, different sprays, and gels have been designed to keep dogs from chewing on dogs’ dislike furniture or other items.

The main difference between human and dog touch is the particular existence of the whiskers called the hair in the nose. The nostrils are above their jaw, the dog’s eyes are on top, and on their muzzle.

They are sophisticated sensing organs. The nose fingers are more rigid and more embedded in the skin than the other hairs and have a large number of receptor cells at their base.

They can detect wind flakes, micro-vibrations, and objects in the dark. They may strike face or eyes, and maybe provide an early warning system for goods to help direct food and goods towards the mouth. In 2013, one study found that mixed species live longer than 1.2 years of age, which means that body weight increases with long-term weight.


Dog intelligence is the ability to perceive information and to retain it as knowledge for application to solve problems. Dogs have advanced memory skills. Dogs can read well for human body language, such as gestures and references and human voice commands.

The dogs deceive the theory of the mind. An experimental study indicates that Australian dingos can overcome domestic dogs in tackling social problems, suggesting domestic dogs have lost much of their original problem-solving abilities when they join with humans.

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