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Doctor is the one who saves our lives. Doctor is god for human being. They need to study a lot to become doctor such as MBBS, BDS, MS, BAMS etc. There are many medical specialists who complete their education in specific area of medicine.

Types of Doctors are

  1. Homeopath: In this doctor’s use alternative of medicines. According to homeopath ill person can be healed with very small amount of something that reduces the symptoms of disease.
  2. Allopath: Treatment of disease by using conventional methods such as drugs.
  3. Ayurva-acharya: Treatment by ancient and classical methods.

Under Allopath there are specific doctors related to specific disease such as

  • Allergist: Deals with allergy.
  • Cardiologist: Deal with disorders related to heart.
  • Dermatologist: Deals with skin, nails and its disease.
  • Endocrinologist: Deals with endocrine system and its disease. And also deals with its hormones.
  • Gynecologist: Deals with ladies problem.
  • Anesthesiologist: Deals with anesthesia.

For every specific disease there are different doctors.

It is the duty of doctors to take care of their patients and save their life and cure them. A doctor treats, helps and cure their patients. His job is very important.Some doctors have their own clinics and some have their private hospitals.

Some doctors are specialist such as heart specialist, eye specialist etc. Doctor who operates is called surgeon. Doctor’s duty is very tough.

They need to work hard to treat their patients. Doctor helps us to live healthy. We are very grateful to have doctors in our society.

Some patients have lots of sorrows, weakness, up downs but doctor takes care of them. In everyone’s life cycle it is very common to have illness but without the consult of doctors this illness can become danger for us. It is very important to consult doctor whenever we feel ill.

Profession of doctors is grateful and respected a lot. They help people to mitigate the sufferings of the others. They save life of patients by serving them. The doctor’s duty is to make patient healthier and diagnose them.

Responsibility of Doctor

  • Doctor prevents epidemic patients and it is done by physician.
  • To cure their patients.
  • They should handle their patient during day and night and shouldcures serious patients.
  • They should encourage their patient to fight the disease they have.
  • Doctor are the source of happiness.
  • They should treat their patients with smile and cheerfully.

Nowadays field of medicine and surgery have advanced a lot that is beyond the imagination. Now a damaged organ can be transplanted. Even people can donate their parts. Doctors have achieved a lot in their field. Surgeries became very flexible because of the instruments doctors have. It became very easy for people to go through surgery without pain.

There is cure of everything whether it is heart related disease or any other organ related disease. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for middle class or poor people to afford the surgery and treatment.

Many of the doctor’s do fraud and cheating to fool their patients and earn money from them.

Even the condition of government hospitals is not good. And in private hospitals treatment is very costly and expensive, which normally people cannot afford.

Many doctors are dedicated towards their work; they studied a lot to grab the knowledge. Doctors work in villages or cities. They open their clinic at everywhere.

Nowadays doctors are also practicing traditional systems. Some doctors follow Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy.

Doctor’s services are very important because all need doctors for the treatment of their disease.

If you have any disease first of all doctor listens to it and then diagnose it. Many Dangerous diseases such as cancer also have treatment. Somehow doctors find way to cure the disease. Doctors satisfy your needs and with proper medical condition they follow the treatment.

For people those have long term disease, doctors become their friend and life savior. To get cure from treatment it is not only doctor’s responsibility, it is the responsibility of patient as well to take care of their health than only proper treatment can happen. However when you and your doctor aren’t in step then your treatment can become long term treatment.

It is our responsibility to take active role in our healthcare. Sometimes patients don’t share enough information with doctors due to which doctor understands something else and treatment can go wrong. And because of this sometimes patients blame their doctors.

Many doctors are out of step as well they don’t follow their duty and don’t take care if patients.

When patients don’t take their disease seriously and don’t listen to doctor then it becomes very irritating for doctor and patient.

It increases more healthcare for patient and doctor as well. Then it ends into additional medical complications. So the basic style of patient should be responsible, rational, steady and accurate. Then only doctor can help patient otherwise it can get complicated to both of them.

Doctors are very important for us. They treat us, help us and care about us. They work a lot to save their patients. If you have any problem either it is mentally or physically just take their help. Without doctors no disease can be treated.

Short Paragraph on Doctor (300 words)

A doctor is an important person in society. He is like a benevolent angel to his patients. He looks after them and prescribes medicines that give them relief.

A doctor’s life is a very busy. His life is so busy that he hardly gets time to eat, or sleep. When a patient is critical, he performs operations in the operation theater.

Some difficult is operations take hours and hours to be completed. A doctor always speaks politely so that his patients feel comfortable. A doctor, who is an expert in a patient’s psychological never gets irritated and does his bet for the sick.

Our country has made tremendous progress in the field of medicine. The government has opened a number of medical colleges and is providing better facilities to doctors.

In every city there is a government hospital with a trained and qualified staff of dedicated doctors available in our country, most hospitals are over-crowded.

Patients have to wait for long hours for their turn. They need more doctors is just like god to his patients. We must respect him. We must have great regard for him.

My Family Doctor

My family doctor is very special for me as he behaves like my best friend to me. Whenever I felt ill, my mom takes me to him. His name is Dr. Ravi, he is very kind and helpful, cool nature doctor.

I remember one incidence that, once an old man enter into the clinic and he was very critical, unfortunately he was not able to pay fees, but my doctor helped him. This factor indicates how kind person he is.

Doctor, who cures ailing and distress with utmost devotion, care and love, is a saviour and God to millions. We need his help in health problems like cold, cough, fever, flue, stress, depression, etc.

He is an important part of the society because as long as we are alive we will have minor or major health problems and we need a doctor to cure them and let health and happiness prevail. He is a saviour for the society.

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