Short Paragraph on Do schools put too much pressure on kids?

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What is a school? At first let us know about the school. A school is a place of learning, experiencing and the ultimate aim of getting educated. For a kid it is the very first exposure that the kid goes through. It is the stepping stone towards self-development.

We have teachers and mentors who teach us and provide us better understanding of things. They make the learning interesting and captivating for the students.

The physical description of a school would be a place with buildings and a playground. School plays the major role in a student’s life and their career ahead. It creates a path of self-exploration and development for a child.

Do schools put too much pressure on kids?

Well, this question is bit controversial when it comes to answer it.  Every school has certain norms and rules. They have their own way of conducting the teachings for the students. School is to make a child educated and learned and they put in all the possible effort so that a child’s future gets secured.

The kind of discipline that the school maintains depends upon the background of the school. For example, the convent schools, which are known to be run by Father’s and nuns maintains very strict discipline in the campus. It is my personal experience that I would like to share.

I studied in a convent school, where students had to follow strict guidelines and rules and if anybody caught of violating the rules, would get punished immediately.

They follow a very strict dress code. English speaking inside the campus was mandatory for the students as well as for the teachers. They held competitions that would enhance a student’s confidence and self- esteem and much more.

No matter what is the background of a school, the ultimate aim is to make a child a good human being. The amount of pressure also depends upon the pattern that the school follows. The CBSE affiliated schools have less syllabus as compared to the ICSE affiliated schools.

The level of study material in ICSE board is more complicated than the CBSE material. Taking into consideration this aspect, it can be said that ICSE students have more pressure than the CBSE students. When it comes to the conductions of examination then also ICSE follows a different pattern than the CBSE. There is more number of exams conducted in the ICSE based school.

Again the idea of pressure is very much subjective. Every individual is different from the other. It would be wrong on our part to put everyone on the same platform. Each child is unique in its own way. Talking about the pressure, it depends from individual to individual.

It is very likely to happen that if a child has good grasping power and intellect then he/she would not find the thing complicated or difficult and thus would not feel burdened with pressure whereas a child with less grasping and understanding ability might find the same thing difficult and would feel burdened with pressure.

This was one aspect of looking at this problem, the other aspect could be, how the students behave in the class. It is very common and well known by everyone that students do a lot of mischievous activities in the class and don’t pay attention in the class or to what the teacher has to say, like I mentioned earlier not everyone is of the same genre and mindset.

Some would pay attention in the class and some would not, and in a class of fifty or say sixty students it becomes hard for a teacher to pay equal attention on each and every child.

Hence to make everyone understand the thing a teacher might give work load so that the students would study and understand. It is said that self-study is the best study. Even Abraham Lincoln was a self-learned and self-made man. It is we who can evaluate ourselves the best. We are the best judge of ourselves.

Keeping this point of view in mind, it can be justified that if the teachers put in pressure on the students then it must be for their own benefit. When they would study on their own then they would get to know the places where they need understanding. They would get to know the places where they lack and needs improvement. Until and unless they give proper time to themselves they won’t be able to develop and progress.

Procrastination is the very common and general tendency of human beings. We always tend to push our work for the future. This leads to problems. But when we are loaded with pressure then we anyhow perform that task. At times, developing fear amongst students becomes necessary for their own sake. A teacher has a big and important responsibility to perform. They are the one who brings best out their students, and if for doing this they have to put pressure on the students, then it is justified.


Again, there are schools assigning unnecessary and unimportant assignments to the students. They should be given the projects which are related to their study material. We have schools that engage students in non-productive projects. These projects engulfs the precious time of the students.

These are non-productive tasks. If the burden or pressure is given for their betterment then it is fine but if they are given unnecessary burden then it is not right.

A school shapes the child. School makes the life of a student. Their entire career or the selection of career is solely dependent upon the education provided to them in the school. Hence the school should keep in view these aspects and then put in the pressure on the students.

There is a proverb which says, “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.” It basically states that, If the pressure is for our good then there is no harm in getting burdened, because in the long run it would become pleasurable and fruit full.

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