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Political, ethical, moral and legal area uses the defined concept of dignity as to express the right to be valued, respected and to receive positive treatment from the society. In modern era, dignity is defined as an approach of enlightenment towards the concept of inalienable and inherent rights.

The word “dignity”, formed from the Latin word “dignitas (worthiness)” in early 13th century. In daily routine dignity means respect and status which is more related to self-respect.

There is a reason why this powerful word has been used philosophically. Generally, the term contains various functions and meanings as it is dependent on how we are using it and in what context.


It is the part of society who is working under an unorganized sector. In simple terms, organization those who pay sales tax, registered and pay income tax is organized sector.

Unorganized sector also known as own accounted enterprises which are all unlicensed, unregistered and self-employed. This sector includes owner of a general stores, handloom workers, rural trades etc.

Unorganized sector labor has been divided into four categories as:

  1. Force by occupation
  2. Nature of employment
  3. Specially distressed categories
  4. Service categories
  5. Violation of Dignity

Humans violate other human dignity in certain ways which are as follows


Humiliation act are dependent on context but we can get intuitions that where a violation will occur. It is a way to point out the respect of a person and without any mistake the person is pushed down to surrender among the higher authority.

Humiliation injures the self worth or self esteem of a person.


This issue is more common among human beings as they use other persons as means or as an instrument to achieve their own goal.


It means to degrade the value and ethics of human beings. These acts are done by consent or to convey a message that diminishes the value or importance of all human beings.

They consist of the methods which are not to be practiced such as selling any person to slavery, or when a state of nation authority forcefully puts citizens or non residential persons in living conditions which are inhuman.


These are acts which tear out a group or a person’s human characteristics. This includes describing or treating them like animals or as not human beings.

This has already occurred in Rwanda and in Holocaust where the majority of labor was compared to small animals and insects.

Dignity of Labor

It means that for all occupation, whether it involves intellect or physical labor, they deserve equal dignity and respect irrespective of their cast, religion, and creed.

No job shall be considered as inferior or superior. If every person does his job with sincerity and honesty then they deserve respect and appreciation

Every person in the world has the right to choose its profession of their own choice. A person can select any occupation and can be discriminated on their work.

Kinds of labor

  • Intellectual labor
  • Manual labor

Lot of us thinks that manual labor is an inferior work but manual labor is the highest intellectual labor. The people, who can work with their hands, do have equal importance as those who works using their brain.

Manual labor was the first choice of all great men. Personality like Mahatma Gandhi always preferred to do work by his own. He saw every level of person with same dignity and equality. He never judged a most educated intellect or a manual labor.

All kind of work, are called labor. A teacher teaches at school, office clerk. A medicine officer, a lawyer is the people who work with their brain. A farmer, a mine worker, a factory worker are those people which do work physically. Both type of work has been done under the faith of dignity.

A nation will never prosper mentally and materially if people do not get respect based upon their work. A nation will never flourish if manual labor does not get respect hence it will ultimately lags us in the race of progress. People of Europe started to learn tools and machines as utensil for work after the revolution in industries.

They helped to increase the economy by manufacturing the most usable things. Work is power and if they differed between the work done in mines, factories or in mills with the most advanced science then it will difficult for them also to become a strong nation.

Our education system built our mentality to become teachers, clerks, lawyers, engineers and doctors. After reaching a reputed post in their fields they felt that working with machines and tools in not their kind of work. This mentality never works.

When recession occurs of our countries economic condition will become serious then these educated men will not get services. So this will ultimately result in unemployment.

So it is important to foster a spirit of self-help and co-operation which helps to promote growth of one and all.

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