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Everyone is excited to know the currency of different countries. As money values a lot in our life.  It is also important to know this different currency as to boost up General knowledge.

Yes it is right, giving entrance examination like GMAT, TOFFEL, may require this small knowledge too.  Here I’m listing different currencies of different countries with its conversion rate to Indian rupees (INR).

Country Currency 
Australia Dollar
Bangladesh Taka
Belgium Euro
Britain Pound (Sterling)
Burma (Myanmar) Kynat
Canada Dollar
Germany Euro
Iran Rial
India Rupee
Ceylon Rupee
Czechoslovakia Yuan
Denmark Krone
France Euro
Pakistan Rupee
Poland Zloty
Spain Euro
Indonesia Rupiah
Iraq Dinar
Italy Euro
Japan Yen
Mexico Peso`
Netherlands Euro
European Union Euro
Sweden Krone
Switzerland Franc
Turkey Lira
U.A.R. Pound
U.S.A. Dollar
Russia Rouble
South Africa Rand

List of World Capitals of Countries

As capital of country reflect country reputation, it show how importance is that country, here I’m listing world capitals of countries and you can also download its PDF

Name of the Country  Capital 
Austria Vienna
Afghanistan Kabul
Algeria Algiers
Angola Luanda
Australia Canberra
Argentina Buenos Aires
Bangladesh Dhaka
Belgium Brussels
Bolivia Lapaz
Bulgaria Sofia
Bhutan Thimpus
Brazil Brasilla
Canada Ottawa
Cyprus Nicosia
Columbia Bogota
Denmark Copenhegan
Eire Dublin
Ethiopia Addis Ababa
Finland Helsinki
France Paris
Germany Berlin
Greece Athens
Guatemala Guatemala City
Hungary Budapest
Iran Tehran
India New Delhi
Indonesia Jakarta
Iraq Baghdad
Italy Rome
Japan Tokyo
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Korea (North) Pyong Yang
Korea (South) Seoul
Kenya Nairobi
Kuwait Kuwait
Laos Vientiane
Lebanon Beirut
Mexico Mexico City
Malaysia Kualalumpur
Morocco Rabat
Mozambique Maputo
New Zealand Welington
Netherlands Amsterdam
Panama Panama City
Portugal Lisbon
Poland Warsaw
Sri Lanka Colombo
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Berne
Sudan Khartoum
Sierre Leone Freetown
South Africa Capetown
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Spain Madrid
Thailand Bangkok
Turkey Ankara
U.S.A. Washington
U.K. London
U.A.R. Cairo
Vietnam Hanoi
Zambia Lusaka
Israel Tel Aviv
Uzbekistan Tashkent

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