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The world runs the duties of the people from different sectors. What is ‘duty’? It is the responsibility that one has towards oneself, his family, society and the country at large. Duty has to be carried out by every person on the face of the it a child, man or a woman. A child has his duty towards his parents, school and studies. A mother towards her children and family. A father towards his family and office and others.

Devotion to duty comes in various forms. To justify this small story can be related. There was a rich businessman who had a very old man as his personal bodyguard. He was very trust able. Days passed and the old man kept him serving to his fullest extent.

But since he was growing old the businessman thought it wouldn’t be safe to keep such a man. So he removed him from the job and hired a new man, much younger than the previous night the business man was sleeping in his room. He suddenly heard someone walk into his room. He woke up to find himself at the gunpoint. It was the new bodyguard. He came there to loot his owner. He threatened the businessman to take out all his valuables or he will have to lose his life.

The businessman refrained from doing so. The man was about to pull the trigger just then another gunshot was heard. And he fell clearly on the floor. It was the old bodyguard behind him. He came back to save his master. On being asked about how he came to know that his master was attacked. He replied with a smile on his face that he had never left his job. He was always on his duty.

He used to follow his master where ever he went although he was thrown out of the job. He felt that the new bodyguard had other motives. He understood that the man wanted to hurt his master. So he kept him under close observation.

And he understood that the man is laying plot to kill him and loot all his money. So he intervened and got him red handed. The businessman got so happy that he thanked him with all his heart and rewarded him for being so loyal.

Such are the stories of being devoted to duty. It is a work irrespective of time, place, age and caste.

One such incident of hard work in real life can be found in our very own President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He was born into a middle class Tamil family in an island town of Rameswaram in the state of Madras. His father Jainulabdeen didn’t have any kind of formal education, nor was he wealthy.

In spite of all these hindrances, he had in himself great wisdom and had a truly generous spirit. His mother Ashiiamma was a lady full of care for everyone around. She loved to feed people and every day at home far more number of people ate than the total members of their family.

Young Dr.Kalam had many siblings. He was short with undistinguished looks. His father always preached and practiced to live a life devoid of all unnecessary luxuries. Dr.Kalam since the days of his early student hood had a desire to fly. So he applied for the test for being a fighter jet pilot.

He was rejected narrowly. He placed nine for the post which had only eight vacancies. Post this defeat he was extremely disappointed and for once thought of quitting everything and becoming a saint. But it was only because of his indomitable spirit that he did not give up and tried other avenues where his skills were put to better use.

It was only because of this immense hard work and indomitable spirit that he could achieve great feats. Dr.Kalam had successfully launched satellite Rohini to orbit through the SLV-III. In the 1980s he led India’s missile programme. Under his leadership, India became a major military power after the successes of Agni and Prithvi.

Not only in the field of aviation and defense. Dr.Kalam’s work toward the development of nation knew no bounds and had no limit to his scope of work. In 1998, along with cardiologist Dr.Soma Raju, Kalam developed a low cost Coronary stent. It was named as “Kalam-Raju Stent” honouring them.In 1998; the Pokhran-II tests showcased India’s nuclear capabilities to the world. Mr. Kalam’s role was instrumental in the project.

It is such stories of hard work that should inspire us to do our own duty and not be derailed by fear, or pressure, or greed of any kind. Some may think that their actions do not have much impact in the society and so they need to practice their devotion to duty as it will have little or no impact. But this is not true. Everyone’s duty and passion for their work is important in our society.

We need not be a hero of any sort to be able to help the society with our devotion to duty. The best example of this is the daily workers who clean the waste and dirt from the streets and our homes. We do not even know them and when they do their work. We litter everywhere but when we wake up in the morning, we find the roads spik’n’span clean.

These labourers are extremely low wage workers but still they do their work with full devotion. If they had even taken one day off, the entire city would stink like a garbage pit and existence would become extremely difficult with all dirt around us. No matter how small or how important a person’s work is, their devotion to duty is definitely helping someone in some way that he may not even be aware of.

We as human beings have been sent to the world to do our bit and die. In this short span of life, we are entrusted with various responsibilities and work – that of keeping up and maintain relationships as well as carrying put our professional duties. If we do not have devotion to our responsibilities, our life will be wasted and a life which is not lived by working hard is as good as being non-existent and dead

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