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Delhi Metro is the latest marvel that has been added to the enhancement of the popularity of India’s capital. With its arrival, a new revolution has taken place in the much defamed and maligned transport system of the great city.

Travelling used to be a real ordeal, if someone had to go by the public transport from one place to another.  There used to be no fixed timing for the overcrowded, rattling buses. They were often manned by ill-mannered drivers and conductors, and frequent break-downs of the buses used to be quite common.

No one could be sure how long the commuting would take and whether the journey was going to be safe, or not!

But with the arrival of the Metro Rail, people of Delhi have been lucky enough to get rid of their travelling woes. It has provided them with pollution free, air-conditioned, world class, and speedy means of transportation system to the city.

Travelling now has become hassle free. Spick and span, dust and noise free, A.C. compartments, regular announcement of the directions to be followed, speedy movement of the trains and ultra-modem station seem to have come from a fairy land

This new marvel, called Metro (D.M.R.C), was initiated to control and overcome the traffic problems. Completed in a record time in collaboration with Japan, it is one of the best in the world.

It consists of three corridors 1) Shahadra to Rithala, 2) ISBT to the Secretarist, and 3) Indraprastha to Dwarka. The part of the route goes overhead and part of it is underground. The entire signals are automatic and so are the doors of the compartments.

In the next phase, it is going to connect, C.P. with I.G.I. airport. The journey won’t take more than fifteen minutes.

Efforts are also on to take Metro to Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. The people of NCR of Delhi are sure to enjoy commuting without road fear, traffic jams and getting unduly delayed in future

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